Thursday, June 16, 2011

Surrealism in the world; do you sense some imminent "event"?

It has really become apparent to me that there is a certain level of surrealism in the world that, at first, I attributed to some more mundane activities by people for rather mundane and all too human feelings and motives.  I am now starting to wonder if that is all there is to it.  I am betting that anyone that is reading this is feeling something similar to what I am feeling.  Here is my video that I just did on this topic last night:

This is not a "psychic" or "predictive prophecy" of any kind.  It is more along the lines of "normal" human intuition and "reading" the signs and symbols around us.
This surrealism is most apparent to me in politics and economics and that is where the idea first started to trickle into my consciousness.  I have looked at the Republican candidates for office and have just shaken my head at the ludicrous nature of them and their policies and platforms.  You only have to look at the news to see the cartoonish aspects of the campaign.
There also was the idea of President Obama and his lack of a past and his overt attempts to obfuscate about it.  He also has gone to great lengths to betray all of the things that he supposedly stood for in running for office.  Something I picked up on really early on.

That video was done in February of 2008.

Then we had the release of Obama's birth certificate, the legendary "long form" that he fought to keep out of public consciousness.

This was apparently as a result of supposed candidate for office Donald Trump and his constant media attention to the matter.  It is my belief that Trump was actually working FOR Obama in some capacity, whether wittingly or not.
We quickly had a thorough debunking of the document as an obvious fake and fraud.  The surrealism is that people just accept it and the media has absolutely nothing to say on the matter.
Then we had very shortly after this the supposed killing of Osama Bin Laden at the direction of President Obama.  Something that I also had intuited when I made a video saying that the release of the certificate was a "signal" for something major to come.

The fake death of Osama Bin Laden was only part of the major event to come and that is what I have been feeling.  There is much more to this than simply politics or economics.  It may be an Earth wide sort of thing or even bigger than that.
Do you feel this?
Of course my view had been tempered by the fact that I tend to focus on the political and economic world because that is what I do with my videos on youtube.  But we have also seen some amazing things happening in other areas as well.  We have had tremendous solar flares disrupting the Earth's magnetic sphere from a largely dormant Sun that may becoming more active, or maybe not.

I say that the Sun may not act up much because of recent scientific claims.  And also speculation of a new Ice Age.  Because of a phenomenon similar to that experienced during the Maunder Minimum.  We have seen devastating tornadoes and Earthquakes.  We have also seen a nuclear disaster slowly turning into an apocalyptic scenario in Fukushima,

 which may just be the beginning as there is evidence of problems at other plants, here, and here and here.
The Earthquake in Japan had some anomalous heating of the atmosphere that some have equated with the use of HAARP.  I do not believe this explanation since there have been reports of unusual weather patterns associated with Earthquakes before HAARP.
It is a conglomeration of events, most of which I have commented upon individually before.  Some others of note include the "killing" of Bin Laden on Beltane, which I covered in the following video:

Which happened to coincide with the marriage of Prince William and Kate in England on the newly "rediscovered" Cosmati Pavement...

As well as the beatification of Pope John Paul II.

We have seen a lot of things like this over the years to be sure, none of it is new, per se, but it does seem to be happening at a more rapid pace and much more blatantly now.  Do you sense something?  Or am I just crazy?