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Worldwide Deadly Gangster Computer God (revised)

Some of my fans may already be familiar with Francis E. Dec Esq.  If not, peruse the link to familiarize yourself with the material that he produced.  It is interesting to note that considered opinion has it that Dec suffered from Schizophrenia.  And it has been further refined to be similar to that which James Tilly Matthews suffered from with his persecution via the "Air Loom Gang".  The "Air Loom" was a nefarious device that transmitted influence from a distance.  This is long before human technology would allow for a technological means of remote influence, at least in any history to which we have access.

The Air Loom:

Dec had a nemesis as well which was a machine he designated the "Gangster Computer God", hereafter (GCG).  Created, said Dec, by his own ancestors in the distant past as an aid for the advance of the people and to make life easier.  The GCG went bad at some point and then used it's powers to oppose Dec's ancestors and generally degrade them as a race or culture.  Dec's GCG had eventually taken over most of the functions of authority through willing accomplices and mind controlled dupes that had been fitted with "Frankenstein Controls" allowing the GCG to remotely control them via some technological means that involved the moon.  While Dec does not in any works that we currently have access to say exactly where the GCG is located he does talk about man made satellites that affect the Earth's atmosphere and of course there is a connection with the moon, which does, obviously, orbit the Earth.  Dec doesn't specifically say that the moon is artificial but he does talk about "man-made inside out planets", presumably he thought of the moon in the same way.  Much of what Dec talks about in this vein is very racist and anti-Semitic.  
In the last decades of the 20th century there were many people talking about artificially intelligent machines that impacted humanity in one way or the other.  
We can look at Andrija Puharich and Uri Geller the psychokinetic ESPer that he discovered in Israel in the early 70's.

Uri Geller in 2009:

Geller with Puharich:

Under hypnosis, by Puharich, Geller revealed the source of his psychokinetic power as an orbiting intelligence that he called SPECTRA.  It should be noted that Puharich had been involved with the Council of Nine which were channeled entities that later came to be associated with SPECTRA.  There may be more on this later.
It was not long (1974) before Phillip K. Dick had the experience which eventually resulted in the seminal work:  VALIS which is an acronym for Vast Active Living Intelligent System.  Which manifested itself as an orbiting intelligence in space.

It is my proposition that some schizophrenics, as well as people who are in altered states of consciousness can see the reality of the world we live in.  In other words I believe that Francis Dec, Uri Geller, and Phillip K. Dick all saw or experienced something that is very real.  Of course the nuances of the situation are changed in each of these cases.
In a previous blog post I have outlined some of the thoughts of Dr. Richard Sauder in an interview that I had with him:

Sauder tells us the same thing.  There is an artificially intelligent machine entity (possibly in orbit around the Earth) that seeks to disrupt human civilization and ultimately to destroy humanity.
This is a meme that is very strong and very real, in my view.  

Now we come back to the "Council of Nine".  Christopher Knowles, author of the Secret Sun Blog and of the Facebook group has himself delved into the "Council of Nine" and the connection with Gene Roddenberry the creator of "Star Trek".  Some members of the group on Facebook have also contributed to
fleshing out that connection and it's importance.  Also in the talk that I had with Christopher Knowles on my radio show we touched upon this subject and the psyop of Project Blue Beam.

So who were the Nine?  They claimed to be the Ennead of Ancient Egypt, the nine primary gods of Egypt, and that they were coming back.
But what were they really?  Andrija Puharich was in military intelligence and was involved in the MKULTRA mind control experiments of the CIA during the 50's and 60's.  The connections that can be made are legion.  Was this a psyop being carried out for some nefarious purpose?  
The Council of Nine has connections to just about everything of import.  Ruth Paine, the lady that assisted Lee Harvey Oswald in getting his job at the School Book Depository, had a connection to "The Nine".  It has been noted by researcher Kenn Thomas that in testimony before the Warren Commission Ruth was asked of her actions prior to the assassination and would have revealed in the commissions findings that she had made a trip to Philadelphia to visit Arthur Young who was the central figure in the activities of the "Council of Nine".

  That admission into the record was derailed when Allen Welsh Dulles interrupted Ruth before she could state her visit to Young.  Dulles was no friend of Kennedy and he also may have had connections to "The Nine" through his mistress who was a friend of Michael Paine's mother.  Fleshing out that connection would also tie in Bell Helicopter and the Military Industrial Complex as well as the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
Ruth Forbes Paine:
Her husband Michael:

An interesting post that mentions Arthur M. Young in relation to the Paines, Andrija Puharich and "The Nine"can be read here.
One could argue that if we are dealing with outside forces here we could be dealing with the Archons of the Gnostics.
Or we could be dealing with a military/intelligence psyop.  Or some combination of the two.
As I discussed with John Lamb Lash on my radio show which is airing for the first time right now as I write these words there is another force at work in our world and in the space around us.  The Archons are real, in my view, and they are bent on interfering in the activity of man.  The military involvement with the paranormal and the idea that "the government" has secret technology from "aliens" may not be wrong in the grand scheme of things, just that we are not talking about corporeal entities from other planets flying spaceships.  
The involvement of Puharich and the Military Industrial Complex in the areas of the paranormal might indicate that there is actual interaction between the Archons and some people.  The Archons as told by the Gnostics were inorganic beings and as such would be masters of the manipulation of matter and energy because that was their domain.  It is not hard to imagine that they may have been able to give ideas that led to development of some technology.
What is perhaps the most chilling aspect of this is that the Archons are insane according to our own reasoning minds.  Anything that they "give" us will not ultimately for the best interests of man.
There would, necessarily, be a lot of disinformation and misinformation surrounding this reality if it is in fact true.
There is more, of course, to this story.  Andrija Puharich was involved with Ira Einhorn, who is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of his girlfriend 
Holly Maddox:

As my friend Andy Colvin has discovered in his voluminous research the name Maddox shows up time and time again in relation to the paranormal, and conspiracies in general.
Einhorn was suspected by some of setting the fire that burned down the Ossining NY home of Puharich which was also the place where Puharich had his "space kids" program.  He referred to them as "Gellerlings".  Where the children were "taught" how to develop their psychic abilities.
Ossining NY, is right across the water from Long Island.  Long Island was the home of Francis Dec and also of the infamous Montauk Project.  This leads back to the Philadelphia experiment and connects to mind control research.  Puharich was also connected to Camp Detrick the home of chemical and biological warfare for the US and the place where Frank Olson worked (who did not get along well with Puharich) all of which is outlined in Hank Albarelli's book "A Terrible Mistake" which thoroughly lays out the death of Frank Olson. 

Montauk air base:

This is all a lot to take in but there is still more.  Part of Dec's pathology was to constantly rail against the corruption of the courts and the government in general, especially in New York.  He had a rather short career as an attorney before having his license taken from him when he was convicted of fraud.  Of course Dec claimed it was all a massive conspiracy against him.  With hindsight one may be excused if one were to think that considering the level of corruption that was prevalent at the time and even to today maybe he was right.
Some interesting connections can be found in Long Island territory that connects all of this mass of craziness to serial and mass killers as well.  The "manufacture" of serial killers has been researched by Dave McGowan in his work "Programmed to Kill", as have others.
Long Island had recently come into the news for bodies found near Gilgo Beach which have been speculated to be the work of a serial killer(s).  For more on this see here.  There is also a rather infamous case involving Colin Ferguson a man convicted of killing six people on the Long Island Rail Road.  The story is most bizarre because of the trial in which Ferguson defending himself referred to himself in the third person in questioning witnesses.

And the idea of programmed killers should not exclude Charles Manson and "The Family" and also Sirhan Sirhan the convicted assassin of Robert F. Kennedy.  Can killers be programmed by the inorganic intelligences of the Archons?  Can they be "infected" by a "virus" of insanity that is the purview of these beings.  Could technology that "the government" possesses from the "aliens" also allow for the mental control or derangement of people that would result in government made serial killers?

Of course there is no way to know if the speculations in this piece are "real" or "true".  And I would not hesitate to add that the intervention by nefarious beings from "outside" is not necessary where human ingenuity is concerned and the mind control technologies as well as other technologies associated in this post with the "outside" intelligences could all be the result of human deviousness.
I postulate that the Archons have directly affected humanity in the past and therefore there is no reason to suppose that they would not do so now and into the future.  I see their hand in all of this.

My Friend and fellow researcher Andy Colvin has indicated that the real way to reach the root of the paranormal phenomena and the manifestations of nefarious influences from "outside" is to focus our energy on the real people, corporations and governments that are involved and I agree.  If an Archon does not want to be seen or discovered it will not be but we can follow the work and career of Puharich and the channeled material of Dr. Vinod/"The Nine".  We can look at the corporations that have developed the types of technology that could be developed from such paranormal beings or investigations.  We can track the government programs that put out new and different technology that might have an unusual provenance.  Tracking the real world movements would be the best way to get any kind of answers on this matter.  But that is  not to say that we ignore the other stuff either.
Figuring out the biggest mysteries may be, to borrow a phrase from Dec, our only hope for a future.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Progress: A commentary on the technological view

I am inspired to do this post by Christopher Knowles and his blog post on progress as myth, reality, and as a subverted ideal.

America serves as the cauldron in which all of the many forms of "progress" that Chris has outlined in his blog post linked above.  Here is one example of "American Progress" as seen in more genteel times...

Notice that even in this painting we have some very disturbing images of "progress".  The Native Americans are pushed out, so robbing the natives of their land is "progress".  The march of technology and the means to mold and shape the Earth are seen as "progress".  There is much more, and this in a supposed gentler time.

Today progress is often seen in the light of technological advance and that will be the focus of this post.  Chris has touched upon the idea of transhumanism and the notion that humanity will one day move beyond human.  It seems like an oxymoron to me.  Is this what awaits people in the future?

Progress has been more and more seen within the idea of scientific progress and technological advance.  The end result is that humanity moves more and more away from being human.  Computers allow us to communicate, as alternate identities, with others, that are doing the same and we have no need to get out of bed to do so, let alone leave the house.
The idea of technological advance tends to isolate people and simulate reality.  TV's move from standard to digital to High Definition to 3D.  Communication means that people need not interact on a personal, face to face, way.
This is the reality of the future to many...

From the movie "Surrogates" which allow you to "inhabit" a machine that will go about the business of your normal life while you lay in a recliner hooked up to machines.
In recent months I have come across the work of John Lamb Lash.  He is the author of the book "Not in His Image" and has a website worthy of a look here.

John's work presents a radical view of Gnosticism and their teachings.  His work has illustrated to me that progress for humanity is void if we do not progress along with our world, our bodies, our minds, and our "spirit".  Progress should be holistic.

The march of progress toward a technological singularity has been commented upon by many.  One may ask what appeal there may be to transhumanism and the technological replacement of our bodies/minds and the acceptance of simulated reality over the real thing.  To be sure there are some things that appeal like extended "life", freedom from disease, etc.  But the unreality of the result is so far removed from what is natural that it is still hard to imagine why people would become cyborgs, willingly.
One result of the transhumanist agenda is that diseases are not cured, just managed (and even that is questionable) by medication.  Why waste time curing the body if we will one day embody a robot?  Of course there is also a monetary and power angle to this as well while we occupy this time of economic rape and pillage.
There is also the willingness by many to utilize the resources of the Earth without limit or regard.  Witness the lunacy of the current candidates for the office of President.

She wants to do away with the EPA.  Corporations, of course, would NEVER just dump toxic waste and poison us and the environment, so why worry...

Oh I forgot about Love Canal.  And others...

We should not go the radical Earth First agenda but need to be mindful that the Earth provides for us and should be protected to some extent from the ravages that man can visit upon it.

John Lamb Lash in his work has an explanation for this apparent desire by many to accept a simulated reality and the transhuman agenda of a cyborg future where technology is king.  That explanation involves the Gnostic Archons.
In his view the Archons are inorganic beings that cannot exist in our organic biological environment, except for short periods.

Which does have a relation to the so-called "Grey Aliens" and the "alien agenda" which seems to serve no purpose and has no rational solution.
The Archons do not operate in the same way that we do, they do not have the same thought process and as such they cannot be understood fully by our reasoning.  The Gnostics, according to Lash, warned quite explicitly of this during their time.  This is why they called the Demiurge insane.
I have went a little ways here but a proper background is necessary for you to fully grasp the idea and appeal of this "march of progress" and salvation by technology.
The Archons are masters of simulation and being inorganic they are something like a machine intelligence, an AI if you will.  Technology has offered a doorway to this influence that has never before been seen.  The Archons seek to corrupt humanity and the link between humanity and our own home, Earth.  Technology and transhumanism offers them a robust way of doing this.
I have had several conversations with people on my radio show which talk about the influence upon the Earth and humanity of a machine like intelligence, but the most explicit was with Richard Sauder...

I don't want to attempt to summarize the work of Lash any further but will encourage you to read his book and check out his website for further information.
What he does present is a reasonable solution to the lunacy we see in our world today, the drive for technological "transcendence" and the capitulation to corporate domination.
I will have John Lamb Lash on my radio show on December 23, 2011, in a recorded interview in which we discussed many of these issues.  I encourage you to listen.  It is food for thought, if nothing else.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pedophilia: A secret terror rears it's head in Penn State (UPDATED)

Let us be very clear here.  My thoughts on pedophiles is that they are incurable and have a compulsion to do what they do.  And if there is a question as to something happening between a person and a child I will always be inclined to believe the child because to NOT do so is to utterly fail to protect the innocence of youth.
I would like to apologize for being absent for some time here.  Like all of you I have a lot of things to do and there are only so many hours in the day.  I hope to be more regular with the blog in the future and thank you all for checking in from time to time.

State College Pennsylvania.  Located in a place referred to as "happy valley" and by others as "creepy valley".  Both of these names have a certain resonance, the same resonance.  The happiness is Stepford Wives-like.  In light of the predatory pedophilia accusations against Jerry Sandusky and the subsequent actions of the Board of Trustees in firing "legendary" coach Joe Paterno and the university president for failing to lead and take responsibility for what was happening under their watch the campus erupted into chaos and violence as students rioted in support of "JoPa".  "Forgive them Father they know not what they do."

Can it be that the youth of the school are so brain dead to the idea of defending a doddering old fool who whiffed on his responsibility and then whiffed on stepping up and taking responsibility by not resigning as soon as this story broke?  Can they merely be thinking of football for God's sake?  I'm afraid so.
And we still have the EYEWITNESS of a CHILD RAPE who when faced with the spectacle of what he saw...called his dad for advice, still on the job.  Mike McQueary, saw a child rape in a shower at Penn State and called his dad for advice on what to do.  He didn't go into the shower and beat the living hell out of the perpetrator, he didn't try to stop it, and he didn't even call the police.  He called his dad and his dad told him to tell Joe Paterno, not to call the police or go back and break the arms of the predator.
Let us look at this whole spectacle.

Penn State has some connection to the Military Industrial Complex as here.  And Penn State has a connection to the rather infamous MKULTRA mind control program of the CIA as revealed here under sub-project 118.  One need look no further than the horrid unsolved rape murder of Jonbenet Ramsey and her father's connection to the defense industry to see that this issue is relevant.

Jonbenet Ramsey's father headed a firm called Access Graphics which had ties to the defense department.  For the absolutely best article written on the case please see here and chapter 7 here.
On the surface the area would seem to be rather mundane but it might be important to note that this area is listed as one of the least stressful areas in the Wiki article here.  That is the source of the term "happy valley" apparently.
But it is also a relatively isolated and insular community as well and I have personal knowledge of a very creepy "vibe" being present there.  One may indeed wonder if the "happy valley" idea is one that is imposed by some type of mind control of the MKULTRA program...but that would be crazy wouldn't it?
It should also be noted that the issue of molestation and pedophilia has been around at least since 1998, with the same alleged perpetrator one Jerry Sandusky.  The DA in charge of that case was Ray Gricar.  Who has since disappeared and been declared legally dead.  The case of his disappearance is rather curious since he did internet searches on how to destroy data on a hard drive and how to damage a laptop computer with water.  His laptop was found in a river with the hard drive removed.  The hard drive was found a bit later, close by, in the water and no information was able to be obtained from it.

What happened to Ray Gricar?
The activities uncovered at Penn State are just indicative of a wider and more terrible reality of widespread secret pedophilia activities going on around the country and around the world.  This is one issue that is ignored as much as possible and downplayed to a great degree.
We should perhaps keep in mind that the allegations against Sandusky are allegations and there is a presumption of innocence, at least for public consumption.
This story also reminds me of the McMartin Preschool case read the "official" version here.  One of the salient points in the allegations of the students was that they had traversed tunnels under the school.  That seemingly absurd claim was used to push the idea of a hoax.  But there is evidence of a tunnel and underground room as you can read here.
It should be noted that in light of McMartin and the final assumption that it was a hoax resulted in the rise of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, which believes that it is easy to make people think that something happened even when it didn't.  Their website is here.  It should be noted that the FMSF was founded by people originally accused of child sexual abuse.  False Memory Syndrome is a fringe theory at best.  The Foundation itself is rumored to be a CIA front or otherwise used by or connected to the intelligence community.  That is enough to call the whole idea of "hoax" a questionable conclusion.  My own no-holds-barred take on the issue can be seen in this video.

Not for the feint of heart.

The final conclusion according to me is that this issue is routinely covered up in schools and other places like churches all the time.  It is a bigger and more insidious problem than anyone is willing to consider.  It is a scourge and an incredible tragedy and I can only hope that people will stop to think about that.  Most especially the stupid people that will riot in support of someone who failed to do all that was MORALLY required to protect the innocence of children that was being taken under his watch.

Where are the people who support the children?

I am forced to add some additional material that is just as disturbing if not more so than that which has already been discussed.  Jerry was affiliated with a youth advocacy group called "The Second Mile", their website is here.  Apparently the foundation was used as a means for the "alleged" pedophile perpetrator to have access to kids for him to target and to abuse.  Another rumor circulating has it that Jerry was pimping the children out to wealthy donors.

This now has a great deal in common with the Franklin child sexual abuse allegations.  Another supposed hoax.

This case involved a notorious character who at the time was a prominent member of the Republican party and also ran the Franklin Credit Union.  This case involved child sexual abuse, pimping of children, interstate transport of children for sexual activity and Boy's Town a charity much like "The Second Mile".

Larry King, served time for financial crimes in connection with the Franklin Credit Union but never faced any charges about child sex abuse that were alleged by several young people.
And what do you know?  There is also an investigator that died under mysterious circumstances, one Gary Caradori.  

Shades of the missing, presumed dead, DA Gricar noted earlier.
This is a nationwide immensely sick problem that has tentacles into schools, charities, and countless other institutions including law enforcement and the government.

Will we see the same thing in this current case?  We already have the seeds of a long cover up.  For those who might be inclined to stick up for Joe Paterno please read the indictment which has McQueary telling Paterno IN DETAIL of what he observed.  McQueary needs to go immediately and should take the opportunity to resign for his failure to take all the action he should have.  Now is Paterno lying or is he a doddering old fool who can't remember that one of HIS BEST FRIENDS WAS WITNESSED RAPING A CHILD?  Either way he needed to go.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Some commentary on the Mothman Festival

I had made plans to attend the festival this year, come hell or high water.  Well it worked out well for me.  Andy Colvin (author and blogger/researcher whom I have interviewed herehere, and here) had arranged to stay with a friend of his in Point Pleasant and was kind enough to include me in his plans.  The Mothman Festival happens every year and this year was the 10th.
I had an interview with the organizer Jeff Wamsley and had the opportunity to meet him even though he was running around nonstop the whole time trying to keep things moving smoothly.
I met some very incredible people and was pleasantly surprised to find a receptive audience to some of the more Earthly explanations for things like UFOs.  Though there was some of the new agey ideas as well.  It was a treat to meet Rosemary Ellen Guiley who is a sincere investigator and has a lot of credibility in the field.  She gave a talk on the Djinn.
Andy's talk focused on the probable human origin for much of the UFO phenomena as well as conspiratorial aspects of the research.

That's Andy with his notes.

Susan Sheppard was next to speak.

There were vendors in a little bazaar area and of course many great and interesting things to buy.  It is a good thing I think that people have a real interest in the byways like the paranormal and UFOlogy.

Here's Andy hawking his wares:

A shot of Rosemary:

I had several highlights on the trip. One of course was a visit to the notorious "TNT" area where Mothman first appeared.

Noxious looking water in the "TNT" area.  This area was used for munitions storage in what are called "igloos" which are concrete bunkers.  We visited the so-called "haunted igloo" purported to have been lived in by a homeless man that had killed some people at one time.

There's Andy at the entrance to the haunted igloo.  Inside looks exactly like an igloo with sloping walls in a half sphere shape.

There's a hole in the roof at the apex presumably for ventilation and to allow for gas escape in the event of an explosion or fire inside.  One of these bunkers exploded a while back and closed off the area for a time.  Some of this land is still in use for "reclamation" and storage of chemicals and presumably explosives.

In our explorations in the area Andy led the way to the Defense Logistics Plant in Point Pleasant which is closing and recently had an auction for some of it's surplus material.

A sign for the auction:

Andy has put together a rather complex web of corporate/intelligence/military money and people that surrounds the whole Mothman phenomenon and UFOlogy.
Working on a hunch Andy led us to an abandoned plant or factory of some kind which was completely gutted with random holes in the walls but was completely accessible with no fences or even signs to keep people out.  There was what appeared to be an oven or furnace inside which had what looked like asbestos just hanging out of the area around it.
A couple of strange things were observed inside.

I captured a lot of "orbs" in this photo, which was not reproduced in a subsequent photo of the same room which was the only one I photographed twice.
A creepy drawing on the wall in the abandoned facility:

BEFORE we went into the building Andy predicted that orbs would be seen.  I have never had orbs on any of my photos before that I am aware of.

After the event I attended a picnic with Andy at the home of one of his relatives.  We road a quad and took a roll on a steep hill, shot my .45 pistol, visited a private graveyard on the top of a mound like hill and had some great food with some fine folk.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The end is nigh...or maybe not

It is quite easy to draw conclusions and to predict events that support various theories that one might have regarding the state of affairs in the world.  I do it myself so I should know.
We've been living in a time of upheaval and momentous change and this fact alone serves to fuel the desire to "put things in context" and this usually leads to making pronouncements of doom.

Optimism and pessimism are dead.  It's time for realism.  What do we make of the signs and portents in the wake of realism?  One could make the claim that we are living in the last days of your religion of choice.  In reality what we are seeing today largely has occurred many times in the past.  We have a short memory indeed.

Looking at the violent riots occurring around the world one might think that this is really IT.

But we have seen this all before:

French Revolution:

Plug riots:

Philadelphia riots:

New York draft riots:

I could go on and on.  There is a strong undercurrent in the world today of a fervent desire to change things for the better and we have been let down time and time again in hopes of making the world a better place for all of us.

We have also had a belly full of economic problems but history is filled with such things.  The point is that there is nothing about today to mark it as special or any reason to think that we will see an end to the continued march of the human race into the future.
The only thing that we can really say is that we have seen the trends of history and they have indicated to us that where we might be headed as a people may not be such a nice place to live in.

We have always been at war with (insert name of country or countries here).

So what can be gleaned from the tea leaves of today?  Since we have been here before?
I think that like all times that we have seen momentous change as a possibility we have a choice.  We can try to achieve that change and carry it through to make something better for all of us.  We can try.  We may fail as we have many times before, but we may succeed.
It's time to grasp the bull by the horns and seize the day.
Do we have the ability to do what our forebears did and TRY?
Apathy is deadly.