Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kenn Thomas and Andy Colvin come together to discuss several issues including Watergate and Kennedy

Well it's always a pleasure to talk with both Andy Colvin the famed "Mothman's photographer" and friend of mine and Kenn Thomas (also counted among my friends) founder of Steamshovel Press.  We had a wide ranging discussion on UFO's, Kennedy, Crisman, Nixon, Watergate, drones and much more.  Before I present the radio show let me hook you up with their respective works.

If you want to get any of Kenn Thomas' books simply go here.  It's Kenn's page on Amazon.  Here is his latest book:

Here is Andy Colvin's page at Amazon.  You might also like to check out the music of Andy and his mates in the group Interdimensional Vortex League.  The album and individual songs are available here, at CDBaby.  They are also available at iTunes and other venues.

Here's a sample of the cover art:

Both of these guys are great researchers and great people.  Worthy of your support.  And now the show.  Simply click here to listen to the show stream, or right click and save to play on your mp3 player.