Monday, May 30, 2011

"DUNE"; retrograde apotheosis; rise and fall of the machines; plans within plans

Frank Herbert's "DUNE" is a film that has so many themes that it is difficult to give it a full rendition as to the various ideas presented in the first theatrical version.  Frank Herbert himself is a character that reminds me a bit of L. Ron Hubbard the creator of Scientology.  He has an eclectic background and his writing reflects this to a great degree.  One cannot ignore the very Scientology-like things that are very apparent in the movie (one that comes to mind is the "testing" of Paul Atreides by the Reverend Mother, but there are more).
There is a basic storyline on the surface of the film that is very relevant to us today and the symbolism is revealing.  The movie takes place in the distant future where humanity has spread throughout the galaxy and there is a galactic empire.  There is an intricate system of feudalism with noble families, but we also have a corporate structure as well that is essential to the story.  There are also a myriad of secret societies that play important roles in the story.  It is of course also about the apotheosis of Paul Atreides who is the very un-Christ like messiah figure.

Kyle MacLachlan is an interesting choice for this role considering some of the strange roles that he has had, especially in Twin Peaks, and The Hidden.

There are dichotomies in the story that relate to much other science fiction.  There are no "thinking machines", that is artificially intelligent computers, as they had been banned centuries before and destroyed in the Butlerian Jihad.  This is interesting in comparison to the ideas expressed in other films that have the machines destroying humanity or waging an apparently endless war ("The Terminator" and "The Matrix" come to mind).  There is a total outlawing of any kind of machine "made in the image of a human mind" and the penalty for creating or using such was death.

There is no lack of technology for all of this.  It is of a different kind and centered on the development of human potential and on organic technology.  Drugs are an integral part of the story, the Mentats use the "Juice of Sapho" to quicken their thoughts, giving them a stain around their mouths.

                                                        Pitr Devries Operating Thetan Mentat

The Mentats are meant to take over the actions of computers because they are trained to think in strictly computer like ways, analytically and capable of amassing huge amounts of data and collating it just like computers.
The elite all use "Melange", the spice that is created by the biological action of the sandworms of Dune or Arakis.
Reverand Mothers in the "Bene Gesserit" school ( a religious order that fulfills many different functions in the empire) use several different drugs and poisons in their rituals.
The "Guild Navigator" uses the spice for seeing accurately through space time to enable the folding of space to allow for near instantaneous transport of heighliners between distant planets, it also mutates them over time. David Lynch chose to have the navigators actually do the folding of space in the movie even though in the book they are only able to see the correct safe passage that the heighliner will take to travel safely.  This is an interesting departure because it makes the navigators much more powerful because they can literally go anywhere nearly instantly.

                                                                   Guild Navigator

                                                    Gaius Helen Mohiam and a couple of
                                                         fellow Bene Gesserit sisters.

There are plenty of themes to explore in the movie.  One thing I want to point out before we go on is what is conspicuously ABSENT from the film.  Can you guess or do you know?  What's missing?  ALIENS!  The whole galaxy in this mythology is peopled by humans, there is no other intelligent life, just humans.

It should be noted that even in the books there is no other intelligent life in the galaxy besides humanity.

Believe it or not this actually plays into the idea of a hidden "other" on Earth as has been the subject of discussion on this blog as well as some other less "reputable" ones. ;)
It would take a month to properly lay out all of the back story to show the symbolism here.

A scientific genius, who becomes part man, part machine discovers the secret to interstellar travel and communication over a long lifetime.  Part of this technology is the idea of a null point.  These can be used to create pocket dimensions.  That is a very real blueprint for the alien as Earth inhabitant, AND dimensional entity.  Humans are the same everywhere in the Dune Universe but you would not know it to look at them since the variance is quite broad ON THE SURFACE.  Genetically they are all human.  This is key in considering the idea of other beings existing with us that equate with the gods of old.  Sometimes these gods have been depicted as having certain animal characteristics but a lot of the time they are shown wearing things that made them look animal like.

                                          Oannes, clearly manlike "wearing" a fish.

And then you have the Guild Navigators that are described in the books as vaguely aquatic looking.  And depicted this way in the "Children of Dune" miniseries:

They even have a little bit of the "grey alien" in them eh?  David Lynch chose to depict the Navigators as shown further above.  That change takes away from my thesis a little, but he had a different vision of these beings than Herbert did.

There is a messianic story here as well with Paul Atreides' ascension to near godlike status.  His apotheosis is a retrograde one.  The breeding program that produces him is clearly designed to produce a human that is in command of the forces that man had in the ancient past.  The perfect man that existed in the "Golden Age", or Eden, or take your pick of any of countless myths of mans origins.

Artificially intelligent/computer technology is shunned (though this envelope is pushed even after the ban) and organic evolution is pursued through control of the body right down to the cellular and genetic level.
Various societies exist in a dynamic tension of control.  Most of the major organizations are highly secretive and masonic or church like though there is no overt subject of worship except amongst the Fremen, which clearly are derivative of Middle Eastern racial groups and religious philosophies such as Islam, Zoroastrianism, Sufism, etc.  The empire is highly structured and religious but there is an absence of a god or gods, except, perhaps, amongst the Fremen.

There is a fanatical devotion to Paul Atreides by his Fremen warriors, and interestingly enough Paul's secret name is Usul, which in their language meant "base of the pillar", shades of "Foundation" and "Al-Qaeda".
Just a little aside in the story.  After 9/11 there was almost immediately a conspiracy theory that purported that Al-Qaeda derived it's name from the Foundation series of books by Asimov.  But it seems to me that one could argue that it could just as easily, and perhaps even more so, have been a reference to this movie.  Let us not forget the cogent point that the movie came out in 1984, shades of Orwell/Blair here and the ushering in of Big Brother via the police state actions following the activity of the "foundation" or "base" and the attack on 9/11.  Food for synchonistic thought.
 There is a certain prescience here since the Fremen come to terrorize the forces of the empire in much the same way we are led to believe that Al-Qaeda does to the US empire republic.

This movie can be seen as a model for the elite plans for world domination as well as the secret societies plans for the fulfillment of their goals of "perfected man".  The various ways that is done are by the various routes one can take and what "brotherhood" to which you belong.

There is even a monopoly that runs all commerce, or seems to.  That is CHOAM.  The galactic Wal-Mart.

Now let us tie it all together shall we.  Ancient man and his interaction with the gods that live among us showed how through the superior genetics of hybrid offspring one could achieve the greatness of demigods and heroes.  Analogous to the highly evolved people of the Dune movie, the Reverend Mother, Paul, Jessica, Guild Navigators, etc.



Ultimately the gods left or went into hiding leaving us on our own to develop or atrophy on the vine.  To preserve the knowledge of the ancients and the magic of the gods there were formed secret societies and mystery religions.


Analogous to the Spacing Guild, the Bene Gesserit, etc.

This knowledge is used by some to try and control the population and push us into a direction they want us to go and this is precisely what we see in this movie.
International banking and commerce are part of the equation of control as depicted in the movie by CHOAM.

Through the "weirding way" and the evolution that the spice enhances along with exotic technology and drugs and a millenias long eugenics program the end result is the reverse apotheosis of the "super being" back to the genetic pureness of the "golden age".  This is the goal of the secret societies and the mystery religions.

The David Lynch movie is one of those movies that really resonated with me and it was probably the most highly symbolic of  movies to me and was only replaced when "The Matrix" came out.  The SciFi miniseries was also good but the movie was it for me.

I might pick this movie up again in the future for more discussion.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Secret History of Rock and Roll; a book review

I must admit that I am not a huge fan of music, and never have been, even as a child I preferred reading to anything else when it came to entertainment.  When reading the book I was surprised by how much nostalgia it generated in me.  Because, despite the fact that I was and am primarily a book worm and still have little interest in music I remembered with fondness a lot of the bands and songs discussed in the book by way of examples of musical genres.

I have written another book review on "Our Gods Wear Spandex" also by Christopher Knowles.  Reading both books gives a good example of Chris' writing style which is easy flowing and crisp, not a lot of unnecessary diversion.  It is only fitting that I should read and review Chris' work here as I also had him as a guest on my Stench of Truth radio show.
A precursor to this work for me was the very interesting work by Alex Constantine titled "The Covert War Against Rock".

The works are not related in content but in theme.  Also as prelude it is interesting to delve into the material of  Dave McGowan particularly his material on the Laurel Canyon scene and the birth of some of the more famous rock stars, and bands as well as some of the bigger names in Hollywood.

Well, interesting prelude aside let us get to the work in question.
Chris' main focus in his works both "Gods" and "Rock" is the influence of the mystery religions in the development of the modern art expressions in comics and the music scene respectively.
They both stand as unique examples of research into this connection and he makes a strong connection to the mystery schools in both of them.
In "Rock" we have the exposition of the very potent musical rituals surrounding the various mystery schools of ancient times translated into the music scene of today.  We find the Korybantes, armed, dancing warriors of Cybele the Earth Goddess.  We have the cult of Dionysus famed (or infamous if you prefer) for their excess.  And many more examples of genres and themes in the ancient's approach to the Gods and the modern rock equivalents.
This is all underground stuff.  The mystery schools were supposedly shunned by the church and attempts were made to suppress them by various groups over time.  The reality is that many of these groups were just taken over by the church and their feasts and holy days renamed for saints in the church and much of the practice simply renamed and brought under the auspices of the church.  Stamping out heresy is not always successful and in those cases the wholesale taking and renaming of such ideas is a classic and effective way of taming them and bringing them in line with orthodoxy.
In "Rock" Knowles gives us concrete examples of the various mystery schools as personified in the modern rock environment by individuals and groups.  The purpose, as in "Gods", is to show that the power and reality of these mythological constructs is still with us and the unorthodox theology and ritual practices surrounding the worship of the "old gods" is still a real undercurrent in modern artistic expression.
We are left with the real question yet again of what does this mean for us and the for the "reality" of the "old gods"?  Since the influence and strength of these themes is so strong as to survive in different ways today it obviously indicates the possibility that we are dealing with a "reality" that is still attempting to impinge on our own and perhaps will one day come out again in the open.
I cannot help but think of H. P. Lovecraft who also posited in his fiction the idea of a race of "old gods" just waiting with slimy tentacles to reemerge from their various prisons to once again take over Earth, which they view as rightfully theirs.
In a sense the gods of the Mystery Schools have a claim for being the rightful rulers of the Earth because the themes and rituals surrounding them have always been with us in one form or another.
Christopher Knowles has once again shown us that we cannot think of ourselves as beyond the influence of these ancient gods and that we may yet again see them seeping out of their current hiding places to come full force into our "reality".  I recommend the book as well as "Gods" as a crisp narrative of modern expression of ancient themes.  Check out his blog Secret Sun, which is also linked in the fellow travelers section.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Gods of old and UFOs- The Ultraterrestrial and Extradimensional theory

I am not an artist by any means but the above simple drawing shows my current thoughts on the Extradimensional theory on UFOs and aliens.
It has been pointed out by many that the Gods have been with us always and this precludes, in my opinion, the idea of physical beings from another planet coming here, as there really would have been little to see or observe in the distant past.
Why would physical beings from another planet come here anyway?  Why would they care if we blow up the Earth?  Why would they care about our "development"?  In all of these things the supposed physical aliens theory clearly ascribes God-like intentions and powers to them.  The ancients called these beings Gods because they came from elsewhere.  But from "where" did they come?  In many myths these beings are shown to be largely human-like and often can produce halfling hybrid children.  If these were physical beings from another planet it seems highly unlikely that there would be compatibility between their genetics and ours.  Perhaps they come from some "place" "closer" to us?
The Ultraterrestrial hypothesis says that these beings are here on Earth and hidden from us normally in some way that we do not understand.
There is an occult history of "secret chiefs" living in forgotten realms.  George Gurdjieff is one such source, as is Madame Blavatsky.

I am not opposed to the idea of a hidden race of beings that are compatible with humanity genetically.  They could be leftovers from Atlantis or whatever reality spawned the myth.  They could also be a relict race from an even earlier age.  We all know there are numerous archeological proofs for ancient advanced technologies.

Not to mention the pyramids themselves.
Ancient advanced building techniques.
Ancient science.
Ancient "Gods".

What of the "Gods" of old.  Isis, Horus, Osiris, Enki, and all the rest, who were they?  Are they based on reality?  I think so.  All myths have some germ of reality and it seems likely that we are dealing with beings that actually did interact with humans.  The idea of genetic compatibility seems to preclude the idea that these beings come from somewhere else, since genetic evolution would hardly be the same from world to world considering differing environmental conditions.
The "Gods" of old that interacted with humanity and seem to have produced offspring would point us definitely to the Ultraterrestrial hypothesis of origin.
What of other more esoteric encounters?  What of UFOs?  More on this in upcoming posts...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Alien intervention, UFOs and occult reality; continued

There are some ground rules that should be set before further discussion has any meaning or will produce meaningful discussion.
I have talked of the occult, UFOs and alien intervention as well as dimensional interaction, and finally synchronicity.  Defining the meanings as I represent them will help to understand where I stand on this issue.
First on the Occult.  It simply means hidden, unknown.  This can simply be something that is kept secret, or the meaning of is lost.  There is an implication of the esoteric and I believe that there is that in my view of such things.   This will connote the idea of "other realms", magic, sorcery and pacts with the "devil" or the like.

 Now it needs to be said that I do not necessarily believe that such things have any objective reality, but they can have subjective reality to the practitioner and to people that have belief structures that can be influenced.  In this way one can view this as simply attesting to the fact that such is real enough in the sense that it is used or is SEEMINGLY being used.
I will give you an example of what I mean in the context of the power elite that really run the show on the planet. One which is not monolithic nor without it's own infighting and alternative plans for society etc.  There is, at least, the implication in conspiracy theory that elite groups utilize some mechanism of "dark" or evil occult magic and even trafficking with "evil spirits".  The elite do nothing but expand upon this concept by having their secretive meetings, societies shrouded in ritual:

The "Skull and Bones".

The O.T.O.

And the Freemasons to name just a few.

  There is a major point of contention here at this point because all of this may simply be for show and meant to instill in people the idea that these people are privy to dark knowledge and that it is used to enhance their positions of power because a lot of people approach things from a religious black and white perspective.  In other words they concoct this as a front to make them appear to have mystical powers when they don't and in fact reject that any really exist.  It is merely a tool of power.  It is a way to bamboozle the gullible into ascribing some sinister and powerful force to the elite that make them more formidable than they are in fact.

Staged occult ritual enhanced by movie symbolism?

Or reality?

It doesn't matter for our purposes which is true.  It just needs to be acknowledged.

The alien intervention theory has it that some beings interacted with humans in the past and actually provided man, at certain points in time, some necessary advancements.
This phenomena has been with us for a long time.

They are represented in every mythology in one way or another, this includes the major religions that hold that there is interaction between "heaven" and Earth.

That there is a reality here is pretty well established.  The real issue is what are these beings and where do they come from?  Do they have a relationship with UFOs?

The previously dominant thought in UFOlogy had it that these beings were and are physical aliens from another planet coming here for some reason.  I reject this notion for one simple reason there is nothing special about Earth that would make any race travel vast distances to get here and essentially spy on us for unfathomable reasons.  That is assuming they have the technology to get here.

There is another theory that the aliens are of an extra-dimensional nature.  This seems to be an idea that is gaining a foothold in UFOlogy.  Quantum physics, and M theory provide the rationale for such a reality.  There is of course the idea that these beings are ultra-terrestrials.  That is beings that are indigenous to Earth but through technology or latent abilities can make themselves very hard to detect, unless they choose to interact with us.

The great white brotherhood hiding in Shambhala?

Or underground as in the Shaver stories?

The lengthy span of time that these beings have interacted with humanity can point to either or both of the latter hypotheses.  But there is also a possibility that they are the same.  Ultra-terrestrials may also be extra-dimensional, by nature, or through some type of technology.

There is a strong association between paranormal phenomena and synchronicity.  The working theory that I have for causal and a-causal connections that have meaning, synchronicity, is that one's consciousness takes note of dimensional shifts through some action at a quantum level.

So we have the gods of the ancients either hidden among us, or close by in a pocket dimension that choose to interact with us on their own terms and seemingly have some purpose for us.  We may be seen by them as their property as Charles Fort famously observed.  These same beings can easily be said to be the angels and demons of the major religions as well as the ETs.

More to come...

Alien intervention, UFOs and occult reality

I have from time to time commented upon the reality of an "occult reality behind the scenes in politics and what we experience in the media and global affairs:

It is important to note that I do not advocate that people fixate upon this issue but that they become aware of it so that they know they are being manipulated.
My friend Christopher Knowles has been publishing blogs on the "alien intervention" theory of human development.  Read some here and more recently here.
It is my contention that the "occult reality" behind the scenes of everyday life on this world is intimately related to the UFO enigma and the "alien intervention" theory.
I explored the imagery of "2001; A Space Odyssey" on my blog here.  Jay Weidner and Christopher Knowles have done a great job of expansion and interpretation in this area as have many others too numerous to name.
We also have the "Disclosure Project" which seeks to have the government reveal the "secret data" on the reality of the UFO phenomenon.
The intervention theory and UFOs are clearly related but the problem with the Disclosure Project is that it has a faulty pretense to start with.  They are focused on the idea of the ETH.  That UFOs are physical spaceships from distant stars that come to Earth, piloted by physical beings that may be the "greys"

Or even the nefarious "reptilians"

Some comments are appropriate here.  There are some that have suggested, as Knowles comments in the link above and as Linda Moulton Howe has in the recent interview I had with her on my radio show available here that the "greys" may be biological androids.  The reptilians are another matter entirely and the reality they represent may have psychological implications as well as occult ones.
UFOs as seen by "ETHers" are uni-dimensional they are alien craft piloted by alien beings from another planet.
The reality I think is much more bizarre.
This is part of the convergence of the occult reality, UFOs, and alien intervention.
There seems to be a lot of historical evidence for alien intervention in our history.  William Bramley looks at this from a historical perspective in his book "The Gods of Eden".  Other researchers have pointed out the "myths" of the world which talk of gods coming down onto the Earth to interact with mankind, bringing "fire", civilization and agriculture.

My take is that these "gods" are not aliens from other planets, but beings from other dimensions.
Quantum physics opens up a lot of doorways into our thinking on what makes up our universe and the idea of a dimension right next door to our own is one of them.  Because of the interaction and seemingly intertwined nature of the "beings from outside" with us it seems more likely that we are dealing with intelligences that are very close to us but not normally seen or experienced.  This has been explored by many writers like Mac Tonnies and his Cryptoterretrials, as well as John Keel and his Ultraterrestrials.  Much of Keel's work has been built upon and expanded by Andy Colvin (you should take some time to look into his work).
This brings me back to Christopher Knowles' recent post on his blog which ends up leading us to Synchronicity.

Synchonicity is a tell-tale sign of a reality operating outside of our normal perception.  It is a signal that something is happening that we should be looking at, a hint at a direction we should be following.  It is also, I believe, created by interactions between our dimension and others.  Our consciousness extends beyond our physical bodies and as such may extend to the edges of our "reality" and when that reality experiences a ripple from a "crossing" from one dimension to another it sets into motion a series of quantum effects that result in synchronicities.

To be continued....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


There was a time when I would be absolutely dumbfounded at the level of stupidity of the average American.  That time is long gone as the stupid factor climbs.  From the very first of the story of the supposed raid on the supposed compound of the alleged Osama Bin Laden and the carefully controlled release of information it has been one big mind fuck.  Consider the "spontaneous" gathering of crowds outside of the White House to chant USA, USA.  How many people carry flags with them as they scurry about the Capitol around midnight?  Apparently a lot of people do.  We had the delay of the President speaking, with the eventual leak of the "death" of Osama Bin Laden for the nth time prior to his actual appearance by Wolf Blitzer insider and  a psy-op agent extraordinaire since Gulf War I gave us the news on CNN. 
The story has morphed and changed with such rapidity that any sane person would be left to scratch their head in bewilderment at the ludicrous attempt to come up with a working story but people just believe it.
Now we have the story of Osama's "wives" that the US wants to question.  I have a question for them.  Why di they not take all of the people in the compound into custody or kill them?  The people should have been questioned at least, no?  It doesn't make sense.
There is a conspiracy theory (in other words, a reality) in Pakistan that the US has it's eyes on their nuclear weapons and that they fear a raid by the US to take them or control them.  Now the US ramps up for more confrontation with Pakistan and continuous war.  We are living in 1984 and have always been at war.
So to vacuity.  There is nothing left in the minds of most Americans.  Perhaps they are just worn out from too much?  But there is no discernment and little care to get any.  The President is suddenly loved again even as this country continues it's descent into oblivion.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Various speculations

First I have made it clear that I do not believe the official conspiracy theory of the killing of Osama Bin Laden.  But I am also desirous of not giving it too much attention as I have pointed out that this piece of legerdemain has been effective in giving the failing president a boost in popularity even as the country is flooded, torn apart by tornadoes and the economy continues to tank.  Not to mention the continuing disaster in Japan.  There is of course also the whole idea of the debt and the looming attack on Medicare and other social programs.
Thus I am going to leave off of this topic right after making a couple of observations.
Osama Bin Laden has been reported dead many times over the years.  Let us just say that he has been dead a long time.  All the higher up folks knew this.  Including Obama, Biden, Gates, Panetta, Clinton etc.
Obama sent his "signal" by issuing his "long form" birth certificate.  This document appears to many to be a blatant forgery, sloppy and inept as seen in the following video as well as many others:
It is almost like Obama is trying to do two things simultaneously, as though he were suffering from MPD.  He is saying on the one hand, look at this obvious fake piece of paper and finally call me on it and bring me down.  On the other hand he is saying I can put this lousy piece of garbage out and the people will accept it because I say so, which means I can virtually do anything I want.
Next step, Obama, operating under the same principals, concocts the whole story of Osama Bin Laden's death in a raid he ordered.  It's a complete sham and he knows it, as does everybody else in the halls of power.  Now we have only two options left to the people in power.  One is to allow Obama to go down and go down with him by exposing the sham.  Two; scurry to make up a "legend" and back story to support the made up narrative to preserve your own hide, and Obama's (whether you want to or not).
I do not endorse this theory.  I just present it for thought.  Hell I know nothing of documents so can make no judgement on the authenticity of the document that has been released.  I leave the definitive statements for people who are skilled in that field.
Consider that Bush turned down the invite to New York from Obama on his 9/11 memorial visit after Bin Laden was "killed".  Was he ever one to not grasp an opportunity for fanfare and adulation?  Why would he decline?  One reason is that he wants to distance himself from the whole thing because he already knows Bin Laden is dead and realizes that the whole thing could fall apart and destroy anyone connected with it.
Food for thought at least.
The final bit of information here is the changing narrative that smells badly of sloppy work as details are worked out, then something happens to make that detail not work anymore, perhaps someone in the vicinity who could deny it happened that way?  Thus the changes.  No release of pictures or video and the OBVIOUS AND CLUMSY disposing of the body into the sea so that no one could independently look at and confirm the identity of the corpse.  The COMPOUND IS CONVENIENTLY BURNED DOWN.  BUT we did get a lot of "intelligence".  Now they have a supposed horde of material that they can use to fuel whatever operations they desire.  Need to justify bombing Iran?  The "Osama material" conveniently has information indicating Iran is building a nuclear bomb.  Need to take out Syria?  Well...you see where this is going.  No proof, just a proclamation, and needs of "national security".  No warning to Pakistan on the supposed "raid" indicating that this administration will go right into supposed allies territory with no sanction.  All bets are off.  We might even be "told" (no proof mind you, nothing released) that the "Osama intelligence horde" has "conclusive proof" that the official government conspiracy on 9/11 is THE truth.  Accept it, believe us.
People want to believe.  They want to believe so badly that they will throw off the "yoke" of rationality and reason and just fall for anything.  I have said that your heroes are DEAD and that you should get over it.  Start using your brain or you're nothing but a monkey that has not met the "Monolith" and can't even make a tool that you can use to murder your neighbor with over a watering hole.
This blog is speculative.  Use your head.  Think.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Further on the death of Osama Bin Laden

Now that the actor portraying Osama Bin Laden has been retired in a staged raid we are told that a treasure trove of data has been obtained.  I have a feeling that we will all be told that the intelligence gathered provides "proof" that Osama Bin Laden and Al Queda planned and executed 9/11 just like the official government conspiracy theory says they did.

Osama Bin Laden'd death as part of ritual magic