Monday, November 28, 2011

Progress: A commentary on the technological view

I am inspired to do this post by Christopher Knowles and his blog post on progress as myth, reality, and as a subverted ideal.

America serves as the cauldron in which all of the many forms of "progress" that Chris has outlined in his blog post linked above.  Here is one example of "American Progress" as seen in more genteel times...

Notice that even in this painting we have some very disturbing images of "progress".  The Native Americans are pushed out, so robbing the natives of their land is "progress".  The march of technology and the means to mold and shape the Earth are seen as "progress".  There is much more, and this in a supposed gentler time.

Today progress is often seen in the light of technological advance and that will be the focus of this post.  Chris has touched upon the idea of transhumanism and the notion that humanity will one day move beyond human.  It seems like an oxymoron to me.  Is this what awaits people in the future?

Progress has been more and more seen within the idea of scientific progress and technological advance.  The end result is that humanity moves more and more away from being human.  Computers allow us to communicate, as alternate identities, with others, that are doing the same and we have no need to get out of bed to do so, let alone leave the house.
The idea of technological advance tends to isolate people and simulate reality.  TV's move from standard to digital to High Definition to 3D.  Communication means that people need not interact on a personal, face to face, way.
This is the reality of the future to many...

From the movie "Surrogates" which allow you to "inhabit" a machine that will go about the business of your normal life while you lay in a recliner hooked up to machines.
In recent months I have come across the work of John Lamb Lash.  He is the author of the book "Not in His Image" and has a website worthy of a look here.

John's work presents a radical view of Gnosticism and their teachings.  His work has illustrated to me that progress for humanity is void if we do not progress along with our world, our bodies, our minds, and our "spirit".  Progress should be holistic.

The march of progress toward a technological singularity has been commented upon by many.  One may ask what appeal there may be to transhumanism and the technological replacement of our bodies/minds and the acceptance of simulated reality over the real thing.  To be sure there are some things that appeal like extended "life", freedom from disease, etc.  But the unreality of the result is so far removed from what is natural that it is still hard to imagine why people would become cyborgs, willingly.
One result of the transhumanist agenda is that diseases are not cured, just managed (and even that is questionable) by medication.  Why waste time curing the body if we will one day embody a robot?  Of course there is also a monetary and power angle to this as well while we occupy this time of economic rape and pillage.
There is also the willingness by many to utilize the resources of the Earth without limit or regard.  Witness the lunacy of the current candidates for the office of President.

She wants to do away with the EPA.  Corporations, of course, would NEVER just dump toxic waste and poison us and the environment, so why worry...

Oh I forgot about Love Canal.  And others...

We should not go the radical Earth First agenda but need to be mindful that the Earth provides for us and should be protected to some extent from the ravages that man can visit upon it.

John Lamb Lash in his work has an explanation for this apparent desire by many to accept a simulated reality and the transhuman agenda of a cyborg future where technology is king.  That explanation involves the Gnostic Archons.
In his view the Archons are inorganic beings that cannot exist in our organic biological environment, except for short periods.

Which does have a relation to the so-called "Grey Aliens" and the "alien agenda" which seems to serve no purpose and has no rational solution.
The Archons do not operate in the same way that we do, they do not have the same thought process and as such they cannot be understood fully by our reasoning.  The Gnostics, according to Lash, warned quite explicitly of this during their time.  This is why they called the Demiurge insane.
I have went a little ways here but a proper background is necessary for you to fully grasp the idea and appeal of this "march of progress" and salvation by technology.
The Archons are masters of simulation and being inorganic they are something like a machine intelligence, an AI if you will.  Technology has offered a doorway to this influence that has never before been seen.  The Archons seek to corrupt humanity and the link between humanity and our own home, Earth.  Technology and transhumanism offers them a robust way of doing this.
I have had several conversations with people on my radio show which talk about the influence upon the Earth and humanity of a machine like intelligence, but the most explicit was with Richard Sauder...

I don't want to attempt to summarize the work of Lash any further but will encourage you to read his book and check out his website for further information.
What he does present is a reasonable solution to the lunacy we see in our world today, the drive for technological "transcendence" and the capitulation to corporate domination.
I will have John Lamb Lash on my radio show on December 23, 2011, in a recorded interview in which we discussed many of these issues.  I encourage you to listen.  It is food for thought, if nothing else.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pedophilia: A secret terror rears it's head in Penn State (UPDATED)

Let us be very clear here.  My thoughts on pedophiles is that they are incurable and have a compulsion to do what they do.  And if there is a question as to something happening between a person and a child I will always be inclined to believe the child because to NOT do so is to utterly fail to protect the innocence of youth.
I would like to apologize for being absent for some time here.  Like all of you I have a lot of things to do and there are only so many hours in the day.  I hope to be more regular with the blog in the future and thank you all for checking in from time to time.

State College Pennsylvania.  Located in a place referred to as "happy valley" and by others as "creepy valley".  Both of these names have a certain resonance, the same resonance.  The happiness is Stepford Wives-like.  In light of the predatory pedophilia accusations against Jerry Sandusky and the subsequent actions of the Board of Trustees in firing "legendary" coach Joe Paterno and the university president for failing to lead and take responsibility for what was happening under their watch the campus erupted into chaos and violence as students rioted in support of "JoPa".  "Forgive them Father they know not what they do."

Can it be that the youth of the school are so brain dead to the idea of defending a doddering old fool who whiffed on his responsibility and then whiffed on stepping up and taking responsibility by not resigning as soon as this story broke?  Can they merely be thinking of football for God's sake?  I'm afraid so.
And we still have the EYEWITNESS of a CHILD RAPE who when faced with the spectacle of what he saw...called his dad for advice, still on the job.  Mike McQueary, saw a child rape in a shower at Penn State and called his dad for advice on what to do.  He didn't go into the shower and beat the living hell out of the perpetrator, he didn't try to stop it, and he didn't even call the police.  He called his dad and his dad told him to tell Joe Paterno, not to call the police or go back and break the arms of the predator.
Let us look at this whole spectacle.

Penn State has some connection to the Military Industrial Complex as here.  And Penn State has a connection to the rather infamous MKULTRA mind control program of the CIA as revealed here under sub-project 118.  One need look no further than the horrid unsolved rape murder of Jonbenet Ramsey and her father's connection to the defense industry to see that this issue is relevant.

Jonbenet Ramsey's father headed a firm called Access Graphics which had ties to the defense department.  For the absolutely best article written on the case please see here and chapter 7 here.
On the surface the area would seem to be rather mundane but it might be important to note that this area is listed as one of the least stressful areas in the Wiki article here.  That is the source of the term "happy valley" apparently.
But it is also a relatively isolated and insular community as well and I have personal knowledge of a very creepy "vibe" being present there.  One may indeed wonder if the "happy valley" idea is one that is imposed by some type of mind control of the MKULTRA program...but that would be crazy wouldn't it?
It should also be noted that the issue of molestation and pedophilia has been around at least since 1998, with the same alleged perpetrator one Jerry Sandusky.  The DA in charge of that case was Ray Gricar.  Who has since disappeared and been declared legally dead.  The case of his disappearance is rather curious since he did internet searches on how to destroy data on a hard drive and how to damage a laptop computer with water.  His laptop was found in a river with the hard drive removed.  The hard drive was found a bit later, close by, in the water and no information was able to be obtained from it.

What happened to Ray Gricar?
The activities uncovered at Penn State are just indicative of a wider and more terrible reality of widespread secret pedophilia activities going on around the country and around the world.  This is one issue that is ignored as much as possible and downplayed to a great degree.
We should perhaps keep in mind that the allegations against Sandusky are allegations and there is a presumption of innocence, at least for public consumption.
This story also reminds me of the McMartin Preschool case read the "official" version here.  One of the salient points in the allegations of the students was that they had traversed tunnels under the school.  That seemingly absurd claim was used to push the idea of a hoax.  But there is evidence of a tunnel and underground room as you can read here.
It should be noted that in light of McMartin and the final assumption that it was a hoax resulted in the rise of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, which believes that it is easy to make people think that something happened even when it didn't.  Their website is here.  It should be noted that the FMSF was founded by people originally accused of child sexual abuse.  False Memory Syndrome is a fringe theory at best.  The Foundation itself is rumored to be a CIA front or otherwise used by or connected to the intelligence community.  That is enough to call the whole idea of "hoax" a questionable conclusion.  My own no-holds-barred take on the issue can be seen in this video.

Not for the feint of heart.

The final conclusion according to me is that this issue is routinely covered up in schools and other places like churches all the time.  It is a bigger and more insidious problem than anyone is willing to consider.  It is a scourge and an incredible tragedy and I can only hope that people will stop to think about that.  Most especially the stupid people that will riot in support of someone who failed to do all that was MORALLY required to protect the innocence of children that was being taken under his watch.

Where are the people who support the children?

I am forced to add some additional material that is just as disturbing if not more so than that which has already been discussed.  Jerry was affiliated with a youth advocacy group called "The Second Mile", their website is here.  Apparently the foundation was used as a means for the "alleged" pedophile perpetrator to have access to kids for him to target and to abuse.  Another rumor circulating has it that Jerry was pimping the children out to wealthy donors.

This now has a great deal in common with the Franklin child sexual abuse allegations.  Another supposed hoax.

This case involved a notorious character who at the time was a prominent member of the Republican party and also ran the Franklin Credit Union.  This case involved child sexual abuse, pimping of children, interstate transport of children for sexual activity and Boy's Town a charity much like "The Second Mile".

Larry King, served time for financial crimes in connection with the Franklin Credit Union but never faced any charges about child sex abuse that were alleged by several young people.
And what do you know?  There is also an investigator that died under mysterious circumstances, one Gary Caradori.  

Shades of the missing, presumed dead, DA Gricar noted earlier.
This is a nationwide immensely sick problem that has tentacles into schools, charities, and countless other institutions including law enforcement and the government.

Will we see the same thing in this current case?  We already have the seeds of a long cover up.  For those who might be inclined to stick up for Joe Paterno please read the indictment which has McQueary telling Paterno IN DETAIL of what he observed.  McQueary needs to go immediately and should take the opportunity to resign for his failure to take all the action he should have.  Now is Paterno lying or is he a doddering old fool who can't remember that one of HIS BEST FRIENDS WAS WITNESSED RAPING A CHILD?  Either way he needed to go.