Friday, November 16, 2012

Secession, racism, anti-government; LDS and Danite insurrection

As hard as it is to believe the rabid fanatics on the right have taken their hatred, racism, misogyny, and upward redistribution of wealth to new extremes after the outcome of the election.  And before we look at some examples of this I will state right here at the beginning that I am NOT an Obama supporter and thoroughly reject his Wall Street faction and his false left cover.
Some of the most immediate comments from the rabid right can be found here.
And for some inflammatory comments on secession look here.  Note the term "maggots" used for people who support Obama.  Which is not so much a charge leveled against Obama supporters as it is a charge leveled against the majority of people in the country that foaming at the mouth, rabid, right wing ideologues would have us believe were maggots, draining the Treasury with all of the "freebies" that Obama "the closet Socialist/Marxist/Communist" has been giving away and will continue giving away in the future.  Of course that notion is completely fraudulent but an effective propaganda campaign has convinced many people that there is a huge population of layabouts and cheats sucking up non-existent welfare and other programs.  Most of this can find it's roots in the legacy of Ayn Rand.

Much of this has been fostered by the neo-confederate, neo-feudalist Ron Paul and the so-called "patriot" and "alternative media" that has hammered into the heads of the people a hatred for "the government".

For a very real look at the current state of affairs in the economic realm one can look here.  The link will give you a very good breakdown of the coming "Grand Bargain" better known as the "Great Betrayal" that will assault Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as well as other things that impact the poor, seniors and the middle class.  But this analysis only goes so far in explaining the situation because it is just a look at the naked facts and tries to explain it in the context of real people who have a working brain and the power to actually do something.  These are open questions.

I believe there are several factions in the economic sphere.  Obama represents a certain faction in the Wall Street crowd.  Seemingly his clique is interested in raping people more slowly and not killing the goose that lays the eggs in the process.  I also believe that we have the remnants of the Hughes empire and the Mormon faction that has two goals; one, rape and pillage with abandon because; two, they hate the country and the American people.  The Mormon clique seems to be allied with the likes of the John Birch Society and the Koch Brothers in support of measures that will lead to genocidal austerity being imposed upon the middle classes and the poor for the enrichment of those at the top.  And of course the rabid, right wing, fascists like the Koch brothers who want to take everything that is not nailed down and dismantle the entire social safety net and bring on crushing, brutal austerity.

With the outcome of the election we are in a space where normally you would expect moderation on the part of the losing party but that is not the case.  The foaming-at-the-mouth, racist, corporate fascist, right wing is not moderating at all and has instead decided to entrench themselves.  Thus calls for secession, nullification, refusing to implement federal law, and direct attacks on the so-called lazy electorate that wants "free stuff" from the government.

This is a dangerous time on more than the financial front as well.  It has been alleged that the killing of the ambassador and 3 others in Benghazi, Libya may have been prevented by a CIA station nearby which had 12 people ready to step in but they say they were told to stand down.  The deaths in Benghazi have been alleged to have been allowed to happen to benefit the Romney campaign by the Mormon mafia clique in the intelligence community.  That is another danger we face.  Terrorism that is either fomented or allowed to happen by doing nothing to stop it.

Webster Tarpley makes a strong case for the infiltration of our intelligence agencies by a Mormon faction in his latest book on Romney and the Mormons.  The fact that Mormons go abroad for several years and return with a second language, they don't drink, smoke, or even drink coffee.  These people make ideal recruits into the FBI and CIA and other agencies because of their being clean cut, "good living", and knowing a foreign language.  It's entirely possible that over the years these people have made their way to key positions that can have a large impact on the actions or inaction of those agencies when decisive action is needed in the face of a fast growing crisis.  Viz; Benghazi.

In the wake of the Benghazi tragedy we have seen David Petraeus the former head of the NATO (ahem) operation in Afghanistan and the director of the CIA resign over a supposed affair with his biographer.  This has snared another general and an FBI agent as well.  The affair thing is probably just a bunch of nonsense.  I think Petraeus has seen what is coming and he wants out of the way before all of this comes down.

I would refer you back to my earlier blog post on Romney and the Danites of the Mormon church.  In that post I make the case that the Danites have moved into the financial sector.  This was a legacy of the Hughes empire and led almost directly to Bain Capital.  I should note that this was stolen or embezzled money from the Hughes empire via the Mormon's surrounding him and running things for him when he was in his very bad last years.  With Webster Tarpley's new book we can see a much deeper infiltration by the Mormon church, not only in the financial industry but also in the intelligence apparatus.

If we accept that the Mormons are in these positions one might be inclined to say "So what?".  I probably would say the same but for the history of the Mormon church and the blatant antagonism that they have had for the government of the United States and the people of the country, whom they call Gentiles.

This can all be traced back to the Oath of Vengeance, which all Mormons had to swear up until the 1920's when it was (publicly) repudiated.  Because of the history of the church and their pragmatic use of lying and fraud and all the rest to accomplish their goals I do not believe that the church has abandoned this Oath and the sentiment that goes with it.

"You and each of you do covenant and promise that you will pray and never cease to pray to Almighty God to avenge the blood of the prophets upon this nation, and that you will teach the same to your children and to your children's children unto the third and fourth generation."

This oath originated because of the death of Joseph Smith and his brother, killed by a mob.  The church lays this squarely on the shoulders of the American people and the government of the United States.  One should also think twice about the supposed revelation that changed the Mormon position on blacks and others of varying colors.  They allow blacks to be in the church and achieve priesthood but the "holy" book that laid out this theological argument is still valid.  This is a public face thing with this church.  

It is likely that the church still holds all of these beliefs, even polygamy, as "divinely inspired" and operative, but because of pragmatism they choose to put these ideas on the "shelf" so that they appear more mainstream.

Bain and other organizations like them were instrumental in the downfall of the economy.  It seems likely to me that the Mormon church was in on the raping when this went down and now they are poised along with the rest of the corporations and banks to bring it all back and hold the country hostage this way.

It is quite clear in the history of the church that they were always for the breakup and downfall of the US and the balkanization of the country into secession and a bunch of smaller and very ineffective governments.  Now we have Ron Paul, the right wing blocker for Romney in the election taking about how the "constitution has failed".  Basically calling the US a failure and of course the main idea of this is that a solution is to secede and have "State's rights".  Crypto-secession or outright secession.  This is all corporate funded and promulgated.

The corporations and banks are aligned with the goals of the Mormon church and as such may as well be in on it together.  Ron Paul is very dangerous because he has fostered in the many young people that have followed his supposed message of "liberty" and see the federal government as "the enemy".  Does that sound like the Mormon position?  Alex Jones, corporate stooge, Ron Paul supporter, Romney promoter (by demonizing Obama so much he might as well have told his people to vote for Romney, though he claims to have not been supporting him) is doing the same thing and pumping out the same mantra against the federal government.  And I am not a supporter of Obama who is clearly a tool of a faction of Wall Street.

Who likes balkanizing the world?  Brezinsky, Kissinger and their ilk as well as the corporate elite.  The Neo-cons approach this from the political position of a strong US that no longer has to deal with countries large enough to defy the empire.  But the corporations are focused on the balkanization of the US as well to have smaller and less effective government everywhere so they have labor pools and different markets to use against each other to pillage the world.  Global government and loss of sovereignty is the last thing that the corporate elite want, at least until they have raped everything.

Now we can see that the Mormon financial mafia is in league with the corporate elite in promoting the idea of hatred of the federal government and pushing the idea of secession and nullification.  The neo-cons also push this agenda to a certain point.  So up to a point they are all in league with the same goals.  Alex Jones and others like him are in league with these same forces and probably being paid to do it.

It is a difficult time but knowing who the players are and what they have planned can help us to come up with solutions to refute this deeply placed assault.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Loss, regret and betrayal

There are many things that happen in life that shape and define a person.  All of which serve as object lessons and to be a springboard to the future, whether good or bad.  The human condition is one of change and of acceptance or rejection.  One either grows or one sits still.
Recently I lost a very dear friend and neighbor who had battled many setbacks in his life.  He had lived a relatively long life and had the good fortune to have a family and friends that cared for him until the end.
One thing that can serve as a learning experience for you, even if it is a painful lesson, is the letdown you experience when you find out that supposed friends who love you have nothing for you when you're down.
It's easy to label the entire human race as flawed and to become extremely jaded over the circumstances that have left you bereft of those that supposedly care for you.
I, like many of you, had a difficult childhood.  A minefield to walk though, in which you had to step lightly and carefully to make it through as best you could to hopefully become a decent person on the other side.
And I, like many of you, once grown, have been keen to have friends and others in your life that confirm your faith in humanity and in yourself by being supportive and comforting when it is needed.  It's an attempted rejection of the flawed paradigm we experienced as children and an effort to be "adult" about it.
So when people come into your life that you feel an immediate connection with and which you feel are going to turn out to be people that truly love and care for you as you truly love and care for them you are naturally ebullient.  And often we throw caution to the wind and put ourselves into that relationship because the heart tells us that it is the right thing to do.  These are the rocks that our hopes and dreams are dashed upon so many times.
So do we give up on people?  Do we consign the human race to that box of avoidance and pull back and choose not to experience life and relationships?  Or do we feel a sense of regret and betrayal so much that we want to get back at them?  Do we choose to pay betrayal with betrayal?
What's the right course of action?
I will detail a betrayal that will probably sound very familiar to most if not all of you.
I had the good fortune to come across one of those rare finds in life.  I found a kindred spirit that seemingly had similar thoughts and feelings to my own and someone that I found to be in connection with.  All of these things seem to be very profound at the time and to have some significance in your life.  In hindsight it is not always so clear.
So in spending time with a new friend one makes every effort to make their life better.  It is the nature of relationships that one seeks to give so that the other feels wanted and appreciated.  That means that you buy them gifts and do nice things for them.  But more importantly you make time or them, to listen to their concerns and learn about their life as you share your experiences with them.
Time and appreciation is the key.
When you reach a certain point you come to expect that appreciation in one form or another.  And when you don't get it you start down a long road of unhappiness in which, in nearly all cases, your worst fears are merely confirmed.  Suddenly your close friend, the one that professes love for you is seen to be a person that is not what you thought they were.
One thing that you may be keen to do is to think that it is something that you did that might have ruined things.  And then you get to the point where you think, no, it was that person that simply was able to fool you and once again have confirmed some of your worst thoughts about people.
Then you might want to pay that back with harsh words and your own level of betrayal and vitriol.  That starts the cycle over again.
One of the hardest things in life to do is to rise above the need to lash out and instead take what life gives you and work it into your life as something that you can use for your own growth rather than becoming that which you have been victimized by.
I'm no master at it and still have those urges but am working on it, like I will be for a long time to come.
I guess the message is that one should not become that which you have been hurt by and one should not lash out at those who have hurt you but one should use the experiences that life gives you to make yourself into a better person.  You can't be responsible for other people and certainly not for humanity in general.  One can only take responsibility for ones self and learn to make the best of it.
I hope that I can continue to grow in this regard and become a better friend to those that I meet in the future.
If I stumble in that I hope I can be forgiven.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Archontic reality and cognitive dissonance of anti-union sentiment

A frequent theme of my videos is to point out some very obvious facts that anyone can very easily corroborate for themselves.  One particular topic of my ranting is on the demonization of unions.
The Propaganda that has surrounded this issue has been so effective that some people are simply incapable of seeing the reality because of it.
There is a long history of anti-union violence and death in this country.  The reasons are obvious to anyone who will look at it without an aberrant mental block.  From the robber barons of yesteryear to the multinational corporations of today business has always been about squeezing the last bit of profit out of their companies and other considerations be damned.
Let's look at some history:

The Ludlow massacre is a good case in point.
The Colorado National Guard joined with the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company guards in attacking an encampment of striking workers.  Devastating their encampment and killing as many as 25 people.

Jesse Wellborn(sic and lol) President of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company

His company was once again involved in another use of state and private guards to put down a strike in 1927 with fatal violence.  In Columbine of all places.  Six strikers were killed.  When records became available years later it was shown that the company had conducted a massive campaign against the union for a long time.

The Colorado Labor Wars were another series of actions that serve to illustrate the point.  Here again we have the merging of the employers and the state as well as private guards in working to crush union efforts to better their working conditions.

The Homestead strike is another case in point.

Andrew Carnegie through his underling Henry Clay Frick was able to demolish the strike through the coordinated efforts of state and private "security".  State militia was called in to secure the site for scabs to be used.  This may have also been the first time that so-called "anarchists" have been used to discredit union activities by unfounded association.  This same tactic can be seen in other spontaneous struggles throughout the years following most notably in the anti-WTO protests in Seattle in 1999.  There we saw the supposed "black bloc" anarchists associated with the demonstrations.  In many cases the supposed "anarchists" were shown to be agents of the state and were the ones that engaged in destructive activity.  The obvious conclusion is that there was a concerted effort to demonize the protesters and make them out to be destructive anarchists.

Strikes and work stoppages continued up and into World War II in an effort to secure better working conditions and salaries for employees.  During the war and the several years that followed saw the height of union organization and membership.

Of course there is much more to the story than what is presented here.  But many of the things we working people of today take for granted, like the 40 hour work week and overtime pay are all the result of organized activity by unions.

I would, of course, be remiss if I did not mention that in many of the union strikes and activities the unions did engage in violence of their own as well both against management and other unions.  But typically the scale of the union violence was several levels below that of the corporations and the state.

It seemed that as time marched on there was a concerted effort made by the various corporations to associate unions with both "Communism" and organized crime.  This legacy is perhaps the one that has most been ingrained into the minds of the people of the US today to blind people to the reality of unions and the very real service that they provide.  Of course it should not go unmentioned that there was some truth to the organized crime element, but once again it was a case of not seeing the forest for the trees.  Organized crime had their hands in many pies including the very corporations that the unions were working for but little association is made to the corporations in this time frame.

We have come down to today where there is a generally negative view of unions that is fostered by corporations that feed the vague notions of union corruption and blame unions for the dissolution of industry in this country because of their demands for "ludicrous" pay and benefits that the "poor" corporations simply could not keep up with and be profitable.  This, of course, is a lie.  Collateral trade agreements were the beginning of the end for organized labor in this country when it was made easy and profitable for companies to off-shore their production to cheaper labor markets.

The demonization of unions has largely been the result of the John Birch-like far right ideologies of the so-called libertarian "free market" types that were very influential in the 1960's into the 1970's at the height of the Cold War.  And it has been since 1970 that we have seen the most massive loss of both union membership and a corresponding decline in real wages and benefits for all workers in the United States.  The correlation is not just coincidental.  Here is a short article that spells it out quite clearly, pinning the beginning of the decline to 1973.

And yet the nature of our reality today in the United States is such that the Archons are able to get away with this blatant cognitive dissonance and people are completely incapable of working their minds around it.  You will still hear the very same tired tropes of "union thugs", "union mobs", "fat cat union leaders" and more touted by these brainwashed lemmings spoon fed propaganda from the right for years.  And while it should be said that to a large extent the power of labor in the United States has been largely nullified because of coordinated activity on the part of corporations and the government, and that there are some "union fat cat bosses" this is such an insignificant thing in comparison to the decimation and havoc that have been wrought upon this country by the fascist state and the their corporate owners.

Today the emphasis is squarely placed on public sector unions which is one of the last bastions of large scale organized labor.  We can see the attacks coming from everywhere in the country where hard right governors are attempting to attack and dismantle unions in their states.

This is all a coordinated effort to destroy organized labor in this country completely.  The reasons should be obvious.  Totalitarian and fascist regimes go after organized labor right away because they are a potential threat to the corporate power that dominates the state, whether that be by cutting into the profits of the CEO's or representing a focus point for class struggle and mass protests that aim for the state.

Anyone with any degree of independent thought can make the connections in their own mind and realize what is really happening here, but largely the propaganda and the surreal nature of our reality today has defused real thought process from the minds of so many that has disabled rational thinking.

This is another example of the triumph of the Archons in our world by rendering so many otherwise thinking beings into mindless lemmings that continue to spout meaningless rhetoric straight from the action plans of the CATO [Koch Brothers] Institute and the Heritage [John Birch-like right wing free market boosters] Foundation.

Even the alternative media is rife with the very same problem.  The loud mouth from Texas is an excellent example;

Alex Jones.  Huge proponent of Ron Paul the faux candidate for President and torch bearer for the "free market", code word for union busting, among other things (as Paul is a proponent of so-called "right to work" laws in defense of corporate interests with the power of the state).

Most of the shilling that Jones does is in defense of the corporate oligarchy, dressed up in conspiracy clothes and fear mongering.  He is quick to jump on any tragedy or political opportunity to demonize the state, while largely ignoring the corporate oligarchy that is calling the shots behind the scenes.  He pays lip service to the idea of evil "international bankers" but does not touch the very real corporate behemoths that own our government and make the policies that enslave the people.

He was right out of the gate coming out against Occupy Wall Street as a nefarious plot even before it developed into much.  If occupy largely devolved and unraveled and became irrelevant because of various attempts to co-opt it it did at least shine the light of the REAL problem in this country as symbolized by Wall Street; finance capital.  That message has largely been lost now.

There are many more examples in the so-called alternative media that do the same thing.

Organized labor and unions have been one of the key features of the advancement of the interests of ALL working people in this country.  They have proven themselves in history to be capable of having a huge impact on the respective industries they represent as well as the course of the nation.  It was only a matter of time and effort before such potential opposition would be rendered moot in corporate fascist Archontic Amerika.  The job was done very well indeed.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Short stories available on Amazon Kindle

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

James Holmes scientist gone mad? [update 8/3/12]

The deadly rampage at the midnight premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises" on July 20/21, 2012 by James Holmes, prestigious student of neurology, has left us with many questions and only some answers.  It has also started the treadmill of conspiracy theories that seek to blame it on many nefarious agents and organizations.
The most prominent voice of conspiracy comes from Alex Jones, expert operative of the far right John Birch, Koch Brothers variety, who quickly and with ZERO evidence declared this a "false flag" terrorist act in order to justify draconian gun laws and specifically pointing out the immanence of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty that is reported to be coming to a vote in the Senate which Obama has indicated that he will sign.

 I will not bother to identify the MANY times that Jones has ridden this horse but will instead direct you to Christopher Knowles' post at his excellent blog which does so for us.  I might also direct you to a newer post at the Secret Sun which postulates the scenario in a totally different direction, as a thought experiment, which further places the conspiratainment rantings of Jones and his ilk in a totally different light.  (Synchronistically posted shortly after this was posted.)

First let us look at the facts in this case that we do know.  James Holmes was an excellent student with no history that we currently know of which indicate that he had any propensity for violence or acting out in a bizarre fashion. [Update 7/27/12] According to CNN in this story a court document filed indicated that Holmes had been seeing a psychiatrist and had mailed her a package that prosecution was attempting to get access to.  Defense attorneys have cited privileged communication in an attempt to deny access to the material.  The doctor is identified as Lynn Fenton, as cited in this story.  According to the story she has a military connection with the USAF which, no doubt, will cause many to raise their eyebrows but by itself is not enough to prove government complicity- though I cannot rule it out either. 

Here he is in younger days giving a presentation where he seems a bit shy, not so good at eye contact, but still with a little bit of humor in his demeanor.

By nearly all accounts he was an excellent student and had impeccable academic credentials, though there are a couple of chinks in this image.  One is that he apparently flunked the first part of his grad school assessment test and had initiated a withdrawal from the program.  And a new report from a neuroscientist which painted Holmes as a "dolt" while acting as an intern at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in 2006.  The scientist further characterized Holmes as "...just a second year grad. student."  And "He didn't know anything."

One other possible warning sign of his behavior relates to his attempt to join a shooting club in Colorado.  Glenn Rotkovich of the Lead Valley Range attempted to contact James in relation to his membership application and called him.  When he did he got his voice mail which he described as "Bizarre, guttural, freakish at best" which led him to think something was wrong and eventually to tell his staff to watch out for him.

Another weird angle to this story is the behavior of James' mother upon being informed of the shooting.  According to ABC news a reporter called, waking her, and telling her of the shooting and the suspect and asking if they were related.  She responded "You have the right person."  This seemingly with little information to go on, which leads one to believe that she had some inkling that her son might do such a thing.  As of July 26, she has disputed the report by ABC news, but has offered no further commentary.

He had several weapons and spent some time collecting a large amount of ammunition.  All of this was done legally.  His first weapon seems to have been purchased on May 22 in an area store.  He also accumulated a virtually complete body armor suit with neck protector, leg guards and helmet.  He already had several weapons by the time he purchased a high powered rifle hours after he failed the first part of his graduate program exam.

And as reported on July 25 Holmes is alleged to have mailed a notebook to the University that he was enrolled in that is said to have details of his plans to kill people with illustrations and diagrams showing his plans.  So far it is unclear if this was received before or after the shooting, but was only discovered in the mail room on Monday July 23.  The University is not releasing much information on his academic record or whether he was seeing a psychiatrist or much of anything definitive.

In the rush of getting the conspiracy and right/left bullshit started right off the bat it was alleged that Holmes was a Tea Party member, and then later as a member of the Occupy movement.  Holmes is alleged to have uploaded a video supportive of the Occupy movement, which even if true, does not denote membership or a relationship.  I have seen no proof that he uploaded the video.  One should note that Occupy has been firmly associated with nonviolence and thus the assertion by some that Holmes was part of the "militant" wing or "Black Block" anarchists.  Neither of which seems to have stood up to scrutiny.

We should take a moment to talk about some other bizarre incidents involved with the movie "The Dark Knight Rises" in the wake of this terrible tragedy.  As noted in this article there were three incidents directly related to the movie.  In California a 52 year old man was arrested after making comments about the shooting and asking about a gun while at the movie.  In Maine, Timothy Courtois was arrested speeding with a car full of weapons and admitted to police his plans to go and kill a former employer.  And in Arizona Michael Borboa was arrested for causing a disturbance during a screening of the movie, causing people to flee the theater when he reached into a backpack.  This must be part of the equation of trying to figure out what is going on with this story.

Holmes' only known income at the time was from an NIH grant of $21,600 and a $5,000 stipend from the University of Colorado-Denver.  It is unclear whether or not he had access to additional funding from his parents or what kind of debt load he was carrying.  He could easily have purchased the approximately $15,000 worth of guns, ammunition and equipment from using credit cards if he had good credit and didn't use them much.

Thankfully this gun jammed according to police or the death toll would have been worse.  There has been much talk of Holmes' accuracy and ability to kill so many and injure so many more.  This is very reminiscent of 9/11 where experts have testified that either the maneuvers the planes made were impossible or only possibly by highly trained elite pilots.  It makes it seem that Holmes must have trained somewhere, and a lot to do so good.  Or does it?  A theater is essentially a tightly packed group of people, even moving, it seems to me his "accuracy" could be overblown.

Two things stand out to me as being anomalous to me in this tragedy.  ONE; Holmes was fully armored indicating that he was prepared for return fire, obviously not from his victims but from the police.  This would indicate to me that he had planned to have some kind of confrontation with the police.  TWO; he booby trapped his apartment with many different kinds of lethal devices that police assert were designed to kill anyone entering.  However, according to all accounts he had surrendered meekly to police outside the theater and quickly told police of his trapped apartment preventing any further death.  It's incongruous.

TMZ has reported that Holmes had signed up for Adult Friend Finder and in a follow up story he was linked positively to at least one prostitute that he had seen twice.  The prostitute said that Holmes was nice, apparently lacking any noticeable bizarre behavior.  Apparently in his attempt to connect with a girl for a relationship on Adult Friend Finder he had been turned down by three different "matches" according to this source.  Not knowing his prior sexual experiences one cannot make definitive statements as to the effect and meaning of this information.  If one was to postulate that he had little experience with women, and he was described as "shy", then one might argue that he had a desire to "live it up" and experience some sexual activity before possibly being taken out of action by a planned exercise.

Why the orange hair?

It's completely unnatural looking isn't it?  It reminds me of the ridiculous look of David Ferrie a person of interest in the JFK assassination and many other things.

Fright wig looking hair and painted on eyebrows, scary indeed.  Ferrie had alopecia so had some kind of excuse at least.

So now onto the various conspiracy theories put forward.  There is a supposed DoD connection to the neurological program that Holmes was enrolled in and the Salk center as can be read here.  This theory has it that Holmes was a tool of the military in some kind of MKULTRA program false flag operation to further a fascist police state crackdown on guns and liberty.  The proximity in time between the shooting and the UN small arms treaty talks has caused fear mongers like Alex Jones to immediately state with authority that it was all a false flag attack to demonize gun owners and promote gun control.  The gun control theory has been debunked quite well by Christopher Knowles as well as myself as in the following video:

The powers that be like it that the US is awash in guns because they serve as pacifiers for the population.
There were initial theories of more than one shooter that has been corroborated by witnesses.  There is also some question as to whether he could have gotten into the theater without help from the exit doors that have no outside entry.  Could he have had an accomplice?  The police say definitively no, but that is an issue that is not resolved to my satisfaction as of yet.  Mainly because of witness statements.  It is clear that Holmes bought a ticket was in the theater, left on a pretense of taking a call, left through the exit doors and could easily have chocked the door open in order to allow himself back in and witnesses can be wrong.
I have not heard any talk about Holmes' family or himself being involved in any church and considering his depth of interest in science one might be allowed the speculation that he was not religious and further may have been an atheist.  Hard science usually devolves to a materialist reductionist worldview.  That is a worldview that has it that humans or life in general is just a collection of chemical elements and that "thought" and consciousness is just a byproduct of chemical and electrical activity in the body.  Being in neuroscience may have made Holmes susceptible to this ideology.  This is pure speculation.  A posting on Craig's List was brought to my attention that indicated that James had been a victim of his father's sexual molestation and that in light of the publicity and outrage over the Jerry Sandusky scandal (which you can read about in my blog post here and note the DoD connection to Penn State) the father had a talk with the son in order to reinforce his silence so that the dad did not end up like Sandusky.  The posting could have been completely made up and had the father's name wrong as well as attempting a connection to a church of Satan as well which makes it especially hard to swallow in whole.  Looking at the order of events here the first gun purchase was made on May 22, which was well into the Sandusky affair, nothing stands out right in that time frame which would support his dad doing that at that time to cause the son to make his move.  But it could have built up over time.  Lacking corroboration, excepting the mothers reaction, since disputed, which could have indicated some knowledge of something on her part, we cannot say that this is established.  [Update July 27]  I would be remiss in not reporting another very interesting angle to this story that should at least be in the mix.  James' father Robert is involved in software development for credit and FICO scoring as well as apparently forensic accounting of some fashion.  It is interesting to note that the LIBOR scandal is heavy at this time and it is likely that Robert may have some connection to the investigation of securities fraud even if tangentially.  This is reminiscent of the Jon Benet Ramsay case where the father was the owner of a software company that worked for the DoD and was sold shortly after the murder.  Correlating this to some conspiracy involving the son is certainly possible but at this point in time I have seen no direct connection or evidence that would indicate that this is the case.  Food for thought.

As difficult as it may be for some in the conspiracy movement to accept my current take on this disaster is that James Holmes, had gotten in over his head academically.  He may have had a large student debt load as well, placing additional pressure on him to succeed.  When he was failing in his doctoral program at the University of Colorado he attempted to reach out and "have a life" while he could by trying to find girls to date.  He failed in that and then sought prostitutes to at least enjoy some sexual contact.  There is a likelihood that he had no religious background and may have had a reductionist worldview common to hard science types, especially those in neuroscience.  This would have meant that his view of people, ultimately, would be that they were merely a collection of chemical elements.  He was powerless to overcome his failings in school and had no other prospects.  Largely no longer the "boy wonder" but hip deep under water with nowhere to go and, perhaps, looking to be noticed and praised again.  He came up with a plan.  A change in appearance including the orange hair and a slow accumulation of weapons, ammunition and body armor as well as making his various booby traps.  He chose a venue with a lot of people and apparently planned it out ahead of time.  He sent the notebook detailing his actions and then set out to carry it out.  In other words he did it himself, and his actions in the aftermath may indicate that he snapped at some point and realized that the reductionist chemical components he was extinguishing were actually thinking, feeling, beings and this caused him to meekly surrender and warn of his apartment trap.

I am open to further information.  And am willing to entertain alternative views including DOD involvement and the possibility of one or more accomplices.  His spitting and other actions while in custody may have made it necessary (not that I agree with it) to chemically subdue him, accounting for his dazed look in court.  He went from efficient killing machine to meekly submitting to police to defiant crazy acting out and spitting in a short time which indicates possible mental problems.  My contention is that he cracked during the killings and realized exactly what it was he was doing then came more rapid changes in behavior.

The story is not closed yet, and I stand ready to revise this opinion if more information comes to light.

James Holmes backed into a corner, in too deep academically, no longer the "whiz kid", a face in a crowd, simply decided to do something to get noticed and that he could succeed at and snapped in the process.  When I say "snapped" in this sense I mean that he was engaged in a deliberate action, planned killing, but that during his rampage he had a realization that his view that the "people" were not thinking, feeling beings was changed.  That may have unhinged his worldview. [UPDATE 7/29] It should be noted that while incarcerated James Holmes is stating a lack of knowledge of his actions and claims not to know why he is in jail.  It could be that he had a legitimate psychotic episode that rendered him incapable of remembering after the fact.  It could also be true that he acted coldly when it came time to face the authorities he lost the guts to face them with fire, like many psychos he would value his own skin so much that when it came time to put it on the line he balked and chose the cowardly route and is feigning amnesia.  Of course it could be true that he had been "programmed" as well and part of that was to forget or mess him up.  I am still ruling nothing out on this case and will keep updating as information becomes available.

Thomas Sheridan and I had a discussion on the shooting in this show.  

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where will you be during the war on consciousness?

Ever since Cass Sunstein talked about the dangers of "conspiracy theory" and the need to take it on with a new idea he called cognitive infiltration of groups in an attempt to introduce fighting within these groups so that they will be rendered ineffective we have seen many signs of this within the so-called "truth movement".  Not that conspiracy theories can't fall apart on their own, which many do, but one wonders why if the basic premise is without merit one needs to consider it much.
Our world is a much different place to people who are able to see and experience beyond the cultural drivel of television and the endless grind of political puppet shows.  On one level we have the "conspiracy theorist".  These people had been lampooned for many years as crazy and disturbed.

Derisively called "nutters" and advised repeatedly to wear their "tin foil hats". After the horror of 9/11 this general category of people has morphed into a broader sphere that is generally known as the "truth movement".  In today's environment we have many folks that operate on this level and the king of alternative media himself Alex Jones has become the poster boy for many in this camp.  This post is not meant to be a diatribe about Jones but a few words would be instructive.  He and his minions are locked into worldviews that focus a huge amount of attention onto specific areas while completely avoiding many issues of great importance or giving them lip service only.  He has spawned many others that started out as his "boys".  Jason Bermas:

And Mark Dice:

Are but two examples.  They were groomed by Jones and have been let loose to practice Jones' form of cognitive infiltration by setting the agenda and assuring that the "truth movement" stays focused on a certain set of criteria and move no further or get out of that box.
I am one to point out the faults of those that purport to bring "us" the truth so can't blame those that tread that water but I have a problem with setting up drones to carry your water and people that bite the hands that feed them.  For instance Mark Dice in a recent article attacked Milton William Cooper basically taking Alex Jones' tirades against Cooper and filling them out.  The irony of this cannot be understated.  If not for Cooper these folks would not have much that they have built their petty little kingdoms upon.  Regardless of the faults of Cooper, of which there were many, it seems rather callous and hypocritical for Dice to attack him so vehemently in his recent post since he wouldn't be doing his thing were it not for Cooper preparing the field for him.

My main focus here is on the war on consciousness and the idea of cognitive infiltration.  In recent months and longer I have become more focused on the idea of consciousness itself and the notion of escape from the Black Iron Prison that Phillip K. Dick warned of in his seminal work VALIS.

I'd be remiss if I did not throw in the Archons talked about by the Gnostics and related so well by John Lamb Lash in his work, "Not in His Image".

It becomes more apparent to me as time goes on that we live in a false reality.  It may be as "simple" as that there is a bigger reality beyond our senses or that this world we know through our senses has no "reality" at all and that things are much stranger than we think.  Cue "Twilight Zone" theme...

Ah, I hear you say, what does this have to do with cognitive infiltration?  Well, in our efforts to try and get in touch with the wider reality or the "real" beyond the real we have to look at and experiment with many modes of thought and divergent ideas.  It seems that there is a cognitive infiltration going on within this "alternative viewpoint" community.  There are many people that operate within the framework like Jones does in the "truth movement" but there are also attacks from without.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the amazing work of Christopher Knowles for pointing out this particular trend so well in his Facebook group.  The assault that I am speaking of is from the skeptic/atheist community.  Some of the most loathsome characters one could ever have the misfortune of meeting.
This group spends an inordinate amount of time attacking the alternative consciousness community.  They go out of their way to debunk psychics and UFOs and the New Age movement and all manner of alternative viewpoints.  But they seem rather mute on going after some of the obvious targets like major organized religions (because they are cowardly, and the mainline churches have money and power to fight them).  Like Alex Jones gives lip service to ideas outside his "truth movement" box so too the Skeptic/atheists pay lip service to addressing organized religion.  And like Alex Jones they save their best vitriol for that which is their main focus; people and groups that experiment with consciousness and reality.

The shambling horrors full of bile that make up this crowd take great pride in attacking these alternative ideas as well as anyone in their own cesspit that challenges their little fiefdom.  Which is also rather like Alex Jones as well.

The point is that if we are to have a future as a species we need to move beyond the boxes that we have been placed in, like Russian dolls around us...

And that means to advance our consciousness to grasp a greater reality.  There is absolutely no way that we are going to progress at all if we fail to get that and work to achieve it.  If that should not happen then the Black Iron Prison will continue and the Empire will truly never die and the little and big horrors we face all the time will flay us alive over and over again.  We need to wake up.  Not in the "9/11 was an inside job" sense but in a Gurdjieff way.

To do that we have to examine the mysteries, the high strangeness, the UFOs, the mystical, the mind expanding, the altered states, and the bizarre.  But we have enemies that seek to demolish these things and to "debunk" the ideas in them.  Keeping us in a cell of the Black Iron Prison that is called reductionist materialism.  They tell us there are no UFOs, no mysteries, no truth to myth, and that anything you experience is simply biochemical reactions in the brain.  There is no soul or spirit, no higher state of consciousness, no elevated awareness, no possibility of connection to a source outside ourselves, since they claim it doesn't exist.

Now the question is; why would they care?  Am I bothering them having these, according to them, lunatic notions?  Either I am bothering them or they are operating according to a script that they have been duped into following or willingly go along with.

The reason that is the case is because the Empire of lies fears this numinous approach because it offers a way out and a future for man that is full of meaning, purpose, and a promise that goes beyond the materialism that we are enmeshed in.

The Skeptic/atheist community is practicing a form of cognitive infiltration, knowingly or not, for the powers that be, to debunk and attack the people delving into alternative consciousness because this is a threat to the continuation of the empire and the solidity of the Black Iron Prison.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Patriotism is a pernicious, psychopathic form of idiocy

The quote from George Bernard Shaw which makes up the title of this post is just a nibble.  The post is not about patriotism, but psychopathy, and sociopathy.

Another great quote from Shaw is this one:

The evil to be attacked is not sin, suffering, greed, priesthood, kingcraft, demagogy, monopoly, ignorance, drink, war, pestilence, nor any of the other scapegoats which reformers sacrifice, but simply poverty.

This is so very true today as it ever has been.  
People who believe that poverty is something worth fighting and that blind patriotism for a nation run by psychopaths or sociopaths is not a good thing are routinely categorized by labels.  You're a "liberal", a "socialist", or you "hate freedom", or you're a "communist".  The labeling is done with glee and largely meant with surety.

There is a mainlining of psychopathology and sociopathology in all forms of media and in every day life.  When we are confronted by politicians that advocate policies that are blatantly anti-human and sociopathic as well as being fed movies that feature psychopathic characters who don't see final justice in the movies we are left with the acceptance of such things as our only choice.

Lunacy rules the day.

It has come to the point in the political arena that the GOP is ousting candidates that are not sufficiently crazy.  Witness Senator Richard Lugar, though a solid right winger, he had the temerity to suggest that one needed to compromise in order to achieve goals in congress.  Oh the temerity!  He lost to Richard Mourdock who ran on the promise of no compromise at all.  The intransigence only guarantees that politics in this country will become more ludicrous and brinksman-like. 

When one realizes that the entire political arena in this country is controlled, left, right, Republican, Democrat, they are all the party of corporations and Wall Street one must ask why this would happen?  What would the goal of this be?  It's clear.  If you have a lunatic right wing that will not compromise then the entire political sphere must eventually move farther to the right since any niggling compromise will be far to the right.        

The lunatics hail bullying, a new Crusade against all of Islam, war, death, destruction, predatory capitalism, preying on the poor, destroying any social safety nets, more riches for the rich, denying birth control to women, bailing out banks for their gambling losses then decrying regulations that barely do anything, stringently requiring people to be "responsible" and pay their full mortgage no matter that their house is worth much less than the mortgage and more.  Mitt Romney the presumptive Republican nominee for President is a modern day Danite, see my breakdown here.  His history of bullying and pranking for which he seems to have escaped any punishment would maybe be of little import if seen in isolation but when combined with his financial history of destroying businesses, families and people one may be excused for thinking he has sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies.

The "other side" is already staking out a position to the right.  President Obama is a right wing politician.  He has been masterfully crafted and packaged with a legend that would cause people to become befuddled at his "real" position on any issue.  While many are bogged down in his birth certificate controversy and it's surreal nature as well as his connections with Bill Ayers the radical leftist member of the Weather Underground and the water cooler talk proposing that Obama's real father is in reality Frank Marshall Davis another leftist labor activist; Obama's ACTUAL policies are hardly ever examined.

All you hear from the lunatics is that Obama is a closet socialist or communist.  Funny how no one on the right has proposed the "F" word to describe him.  Fascist would be the "F" word in question.

This has also bled into other areas of life as well.  We have a religious war as well, a war of ideals that is bleeding through our lives.  The religious war attacks other religions as well as heretical beliefs.  We have the rise of the Skeptics, the Atheists, and the sciencism folk that shred spirituality and decry any mystical or alternative practices.  The "religious right" is still a powerful force that seeks to impose a sort of Old Testament theocracy on America and the world.  The atheists, skeptics and scientism people have targeted the pagan, the unorthodox, the heretical more than they have targeted mainline religions.  It's a war for soul, for spirit and in this fight the "religious right" and mainline churches are aligned against the same heretical forces.  Psychopathy and sociopathy have infected the system so much that the radiating effects of the demented infiltration have had a serious effect upon our culture.  Culture is often the fountainhead through which the spiritual emerges.  More than that it has had an effect upon the very psyche of the population, like a virus it seeks to destroy the spark of consciousness that would seek the spiritual and the mystical to weed out that connection with nature, the Anima Mundi anything that doesn't promote the continuation of the virus.  
Let us not forget that in the environment that we have been forced to live in there is little time for people to pursue that elusive connection and the "divine spark" of mystical knowledge.  We are forced to slave in jobs that barely support us and our families, we are confronted by stone headed immovable people that live and breath irrationality.  All of this crushes our spirits and nearly extinguishes the flame that would seek that elusive connection to truth and fulfillment and maybe a hope for the future of the human race.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Missing Children, the shadow behind the numbers [UPDATED 5/25/12]

I was recently thinking on the issue of missing children and made a video that commented upon the enormous number of children that are initially reported as missing.

There needs to be some additional work done on this piece of "history".  The numbers may seen daunting and the video is meant to be alarming but there is much more to the story than what is present within the FBI statistics for 2010 (presumably the last year for which they have complete information).

It just so happened that the case of this missing boy:

Etan Patz, made his way back into the news with a renewed search for clues in his case.  Andy Colvin would call this story an "unsolvable".  These stories according to Andy are brought up in the controlled media to remind people that some things are never solved instilling a sense of inevitability and ultimately apathy into the population.  If you'd like to hear Andy list some types of stories that appear in the news media, and their purposes please have a listen to this show.  That is an episode of Media Monarchy, which is produced by James Evan Pilato.
[UPDATE May 25,2012]  There has been an arrest in the case of Etan Patz.  It should be noted that this comes after 33 years.  What is interesting here is that the man arrested for the death of Patz is Pedro Hernandez, a man with a "long psychiatric history".  In custody he is on suicide watch.  Isn't it a bit bizarre that in many of these types of cases the authorities find a convenient "crazy" person that did it.  Pedro says he lured Etan with the promise of a soda, choked him to death and dumped the body in the trash a block and a half away.  He gave no motive.  Authorities noted that it was "unlikely" that the body would be recovered.  Is this an "unsolvable" solved?  I don't think so because the guilt of this guy is questionable and even if he did do it the body is not going to be found and there will be open questions left unanswered.

I would like this blog post to be a reminder of the lost and missing children.  Such as:

Madelaine McCann, who's story may be much more deep and dark than even the horror of her abduction/loss.

Kyron Horman, missing from a Portland school.  Still missing with no clues as to his fate.  Odd circumstances surrounding his step-mother and father and their divorce.

Betsy Araque

Susan Robin Bender

Akeyla Warren

What are some of the accepted "facts" when it comes to missing children?  One is that most abductions are carried out by a family member, notably a non-custodial parent.  That is actually only 0.1% of the number of missing children, which is only slightly more than the 0.08% that are abducted by strangers, which statistically are equal.

What is really astounding is that the vast majority of these children, over 97%, are classified as runaways.  Now let us just assume that the numbers are accurate and ask this question; what is going on in the homes of so many children that causes HALF A MILLION kids to run away from them?  If this was the absolute reality then it is a national crisis that needs to be addressed.

I have good questions with regard to the numbers as presented and the ultimate resolution of the cases of missing children.  Given that the overwhelming majority of cases are "resolved" as runaway one wonders what exactly is known fact in regards to the status of children as runaway.  Is the child located, at home or away?  Is their status determined by default if there is no obvious evidence of a crime?  What if the reality of the situation is much darker?

People who hear the number, over five hundred thousand, in 2010, they may initially be appalled but when they look further they may feel as though this issue is not one that is that important since the FBI happily tell you that more cases are removed from the system every year than that are entered into the system.  So that means a negative resolve rate.  Presumably hundreds of nonexistent children are found every year by the FBI.  That is how good they are!  The final number of "open" cases for all missing people in 2010 was 85,820 and of them 38,505 were juveniles.

One needs to look a little deeper to see something rather disturbing here.  During the decade of the 90's the entry rate exceeded the clear rate and for that decade there were a total of 40,000 + cases that were not cleared.  That means that even by their own numbers for the decade of the 90's over 40,000 missing people were never accounted for.  Now an interesting thing happens starting in the year 2000.  The number of cleared cases exceeds the number of entries, for every year through to 2010.  That is where the non-existent children come into play.

This issue should be of more concern especially in light of the various things that have happened in the past and present day regarding the use of children by pedophile monsters and horrific abuse in other ways.

McMartin preschool was the epicenter of a huge case of molestation with "Satanic" elements that was a part of the "Satanic Panic" of the 1980's.  Ultimately, after costly trials, no one faced any time in jail and there was a kind of backlash against the notion of molestation as espoused by children.  This case served as a foundation for the forming of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and the notion that children can be easily manipulated into believing something happened to them even when it didn't.  And the further notion that "false memories" are a reality and relatively easy to induce.  There seems to be little evidence for this.
It should be noted that the founders of the FMSF were all people who had been "falsely" accused of child abuse.  According to Alex Constantine the FMSF is infiltrated or controlled by elements of the intelligence community.  You can read a great piece which develops this theme right here.  One has to wonder at the exact motivation of a group that is determined to help people accused of child abuse by making the accuser appear to be the victim not of abuse but of "false memories".
There are also pedophile scandals which have come and gone.  One of the most infamous is the case of Johnny Gosch.

During the course of the trials and tribulations of Johnny's kidnapping his name came to be associated with the infamous:

Larry King and the Franklin Savings and Loan.  Author Nick Bryant has written a recent book on this topic titled "The Franklin Scandal".

The "Franklin cover up" is an alleged child sex trafficking, molestation and murder conspiracy that involved high power figures in the state of Nebraska and in the Department of Justice as well as the Republican party. It also involved the one time home of Charles Manson:

A key witness in that case was:

Paul Bonacci, alleged to be a victim in this nefarious operation.

Of course there is also the widely acknowledged molestation and abuse cases and allegations that have besieged the Catholic Church over the course of decades.  It is this that also lends heavy credence to the participation of Boy's Town in this type of heinous activity.
It is quite clear that pedophile priests have been systematically protected from the law and basically allowed to continue their horrid actions unchecked. Boy's Town is a charitable organization that is tied to the Church and in recent years another charity has come under scrutiny for the molestation charges brought against the head of it.

Jerry Sandusky, affiliated with both the Penn State University and:

The Second Mile children's charity.

In light of the economic reality of today it should be obvious that there are many young people who are in precarious living situations that may be induced to run away for "greener pastures".  The staggering numbers cannot be explained that easily.  Another major motivator for children to flee an environment is that the environment is one that encompasses abuse of one variety or another.  This need not be confined to the home either.  In the times we live in there are many highly vulnerable emotionally impaired children that are exactly the type of kids that can be spotted and used by pedophiles and other predators.

As has been noted there are many factors at work here in this issue but regardless of what you wish to focus on the conclusion can be none other than that we have a genuine crisis that needs to be addressed squarely.

While the children are the most important simply by virtue of the fact that they are young and especially vulnerable.  There are also untold thousands of missing people over the age of 18 as well.  In 2010 nearly 50,000 unsolved active cases (if you accept the numbers as given) of missing adults.  One new work that has focused on highly unusual disappearances is a 2 book set by author David Paulides entitled "Missing 411", one for Western US and Canada and the other on the Eastern US.  The material in these books makes a strong case for the notion that there is something strange going on that causes the disappearances of many people.

It is not just the "average Joe" which ends up being the "victim" of mysterious disappearance either.  There are many famous people throughout the ages that have disappeared mysteriously, one can consult a list right here.

There are no easy answers to the greater problem but one thing is for sure and that is that we have a problem and it needs to be explored.  If even one child is missing that is a tragedy for the friends and family of that child.  But the yearly accumulation of these children is a national disgrace and deserves to be widely disseminated.

There is a horror out there lurking in the shadows, let us not be deterred by what we might find once it is brought into the light.

Friday, April 6, 2012

At the mountains of madness; from the Harz to WV via Antarctica

As much as we know it only illustrates how little we actually do know.

What do we know … of the world and the universe about us? Our means of receiving impressions are absurdly few, and our notions of surrounding objects infinitely narrow. We see things only as we are constructed to see them, and can gain no idea of their absolute nature. With five feeble senses we pretend to comprehend the boundlessly complex cosmos, yet other beings with wider, stronger, or different range of senses might not only see very differently the things we see, but might see and study whole worlds of matter, energy, and life which lie close at hand yet can never be detected with the senses we have.

The best quote of Lovecraft however comes from the eponymous "Call of Cthulhu":

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.

Lovecraft epitomized the 20th century for me because of his vision of what some might call the real behind the "real".

He is representative of the "creative mind" and its ability to tap into another realm of knowledge and experience.

I'm going to tell you a story.  Some of this story is true, maybe all of it, maybe only a little of it.  I'll leave it to you to decide.

In the ancient past there were gods on the Earth.  These gods gave humanity the arts and sciences.  Metallurgy, astronomy, math, architecture, agriculture and civilization.  These gods were said to have come from elsewhere, sometimes down from the sky, sometimes not.  Since the earliest times man has recorded the adventures of gods and their interaction with man.  All of the technology that has been "given" to humanity by these gods had a direct relationship to something immediately useful to humanity.  How to grow food crops is a good example of this and also smelting and the making of weapons of war.

Over the course of time the knowledge of the ancient gods had been passed into the hands of priesthoods.  It is important to note that in most pantheons of the ancient peoples the gods were HUMAN looking and acted in much the same way that humans acted.  They had similar emotional responses, love, anger, hatred, wrath.  They were largely depicted as humanoid in appearance, one head, two arms, two legs, with similar human characteristics.  There is also the notion of good and evil which are based upon a morality system that, as far as we know, is uniquely human.  During the ritualization of these ancient myths we had religions evolve and of course the "servitors" and "messengers" of the gods in the form of angels and demons.  

There are a couple of immensely important things to consider in this area and in the area of the ancient astronaut theories that needs to be a part of the debate in relation to the gods of old and their origin.
Let's look at some depictions of "ancient astronauts" and see what we find.

This is not by any means a comprehensive looks but representative.  One thing you notice immediately is that these beings resemble humans.  They are depicted in some instances as exactly like humans.  The same way that the ancient gods were depicted.

Now that we have established this point let us move on with our narrative and come back to this point later.

The priesthoods as the caretakers of the ancient knowledge established systems by which the knowledge would be kept and disseminated which spawned secret societies of a sort some of these evolved into "religions" of their own like the Mystery Schools.
The knowledge itself had to do with alternative technology, some of it "advanced" by our standards of the time, some of it just a different type of technology than we, as humans, were aware of or had developed ourselves.
Some of this technology related to flying machines of one sort or another.  Some represented processes and techniques.  One example of this would be the technology employed by Masamune the sword maker.
In the history of human development there were times when there was intervention of one sort or another that led to big events or resulted from big events in history.  A classic example would be the Men In Black that appeared in relation to the Black Death of the Middle Ages, and the wood cuts of things in the sky at the time.  There is a question of cause and effect here of course.

This post would be far too long if I were to list and illustrate all of the various interventions that have apparently occurred in history.
I would like to move us along to the present day.  There is the notion of the technology of the "flying saucer" and the allegations of this technology being revealed to humans , especially in Germany some time before World War II.  It is no secret that Germany had developed many different and radical technologies to power their war machine, which included some type of "UFO", the Nazi Bell, and many others, including a different type of nuclear weapon.  For more on these issues one is highly urged to read the works of Joseph Farrell.
After World War II most of the technology of Germany was captured by, or given to, the allies. The United States gained the lions share of this technology according to most sources.
Where did the Germans come up with the ideas for their radical physics and for the "UFOs"?  Some have alleged that they got it from Extraterrestrials, or as Giorgio Tsoukalos would say "Exaterrestrial".

I have a different view and this is where I will bring back the first part of this post and wrap it all up into a supposition for your consideration.
In 1947 there were several events that were of significance in the present evolution of UFOs as physical Extraterrestrial ships, piloted by aliens from another planet in our Universe.  It is here that I want to point you to several different theories for the origin of supposed aliens that have nothing to do with physical aliens from some other planet.

One needs to also consider the interest that the supposed "aliens" have had in the technological development of man.  The first contactee cases of completely human looking beings were very concerned about our nuclear weapons and our potential destruction of the Earth and ourselves.  The obvious question is; why would they care?  If they are from light years away the health of the Earth would hardly be important to them in the grand scheme of things.  However if these beings were from HERE and were dependent upon the biosphere of the Earth just like we are they would have a high interest in our survival and the survival of the Earth.  Even up to the more recent UFO reports there is a high level of interest in nuclear weapons.  
First we have the idea espoused by John Keel and Jacques Vallee of Ultraterrestrials.  Beings FROM here and that reside HERE in some "other" hidden or attenuated state.  Otherwise human like, though larger or smaller, but with the same type of psychological foibles as humanity.
Second there is the notion of the Cryptoterrestrials as espoused by the late Mac Tonnies.  These beings are HERE and some, at least, can and do interact with humanity and largely can go unnoticed.  Why?  Because they appear human, or human enough to pass.
Third there is the notion of the Elusive Companion Hypothesis as espoused by Christopher Knowles.  This view is similar to the idea promulgated by Tonnies.
All of these theories for the origin of "aliens", ETs, ancient aliens, gods have two things in common.  One all of these beings are actually HERE, and have always been HERE, on Earth or very close by.  And two, all of these beings either naturally resemble Humans or can appear as human or human like enough to pass among us.
Let's pause to consider a couple of things before the story concludes.  The vast majority of "alien" encounters are with beings that are either indistinguishable from humans, the so-called Nordics.

 Or the ubiquitous Grey Alien.

In relation to the Greys one would do well to refer to the material discussed by:

Walter Bosley.  He is a former military officer who's father was also military who told him that the event at Roswell, widely regarded as the result of extraterrestrials crashing a mechanical ship from some distant planet was, in fact, much different.  The allegation here is that the supposed "aliens" were denizens of the UNDERGROUND, and that they were humans that had lived below ground apparently for a long time and had developed a technology different from and perhaps more advanced than our own.
With this in mind let us look at the grey alien with the BIG EYES.  Why would a "thing" need LARGE eyes?  To capture more light?  Why would that be a characteristic of Greys?  Perhaps they originate and operate largely in a low light environment, such as UNDERGROUND?  A current vogue among UFOlogists is that the Greys are androids or machines.  Could they be a constructed creature or machine that is used by our Elusive Companions, Ultraterrestrials, and Cryptoterrestrials.  And that they are small because they largely operate in cramped low lighted areas, which could be beneath our very feet.

Okay let's wrap it up.  I was recently having a conversation with my friend Andy Colvin, best known for his writings on Mothman.  In which we discuss the ultimate crossover of UFO phenomena with "terrestrial" technology which he sees as the unleashing of the drones.  His assertion that the Foo fighter and other technology developed by the Nazi's were remotely controlled drones, and that much of modern UFOs are in fact drones being piloted by HUMANS remotely.  Much of the technology of drone development happened in West Virginia according to the material that Andy has uncovered in his research.  And this has a direct connection with the Nazis because of Project Paperclip and the inclusion of Germany's scientists into the US technology sphere.  And of course that brings in Antarctica where the Nazi's were alleged to have established a base or more, which may explain the weirdness associated with Operation Highjump and the nuclear "testing" near Antarctica.

And that brings us to a couple of questions to ponder.  First of all I am not attempting to "explain" all unusual or paranormal phenomena including all UFO related phenomenon as having a "mundane" and human explanation.  I merely posit that it can be an explanation for a lot of it while acknowledging that there is another element at work here, one that is more esoteric and hard to grasp.  Now the questions.  If we are visited by "aliens" that appear to be human, have human characteristics and traits then we must wonder at the parallel evolution that would produce human-like creatures on another planet under different local Universal conditions.  Is that a reasonable conclusion?  It might be IF there is some,as yet, unknown factor in the Universe that REQUIRES that human-like beings are the only beings that CAN be intelligent and capable of advanced civilization and technology.  Otherwise one would wonder why we aren't being visited by aliens so ALIEN as to be incomprehensible.  Then there is the idea of the rh factor which definitely has a genetic component to the UFO and abduction phenomena.  Would aliens from another planet have any ability to interact with DNA of a species that developed under different conditions?  If "aliens" are conducting genetic experimentation and creating "hybrids" is it not reasonable to conclude that the aliens in question are US?  That they are, in fact, HUMAN of a type.  And would that not also preclude to a certain extent that they are also, in fact, here, and have always been here?
Thus ancient astronauts may have been just that, ancient astronauts, human astronauts, from here.  Ancient gods, human-like, were from here as well perhaps?  
If this is the case we might expect at some point that these "others" will become known and that the gods of old will "return".  And that will be a day that will have the potential to answer so many questions as well as offer us the opportunity to address some of the more pressing problems of the human race.
Or I'm just full of hot air.