Thursday, September 22, 2011

Some commentary on the Mothman Festival

I had made plans to attend the festival this year, come hell or high water.  Well it worked out well for me.  Andy Colvin (author and blogger/researcher whom I have interviewed herehere, and here) had arranged to stay with a friend of his in Point Pleasant and was kind enough to include me in his plans.  The Mothman Festival happens every year and this year was the 10th.
I had an interview with the organizer Jeff Wamsley and had the opportunity to meet him even though he was running around nonstop the whole time trying to keep things moving smoothly.
I met some very incredible people and was pleasantly surprised to find a receptive audience to some of the more Earthly explanations for things like UFOs.  Though there was some of the new agey ideas as well.  It was a treat to meet Rosemary Ellen Guiley who is a sincere investigator and has a lot of credibility in the field.  She gave a talk on the Djinn.
Andy's talk focused on the probable human origin for much of the UFO phenomena as well as conspiratorial aspects of the research.

That's Andy with his notes.

Susan Sheppard was next to speak.

There were vendors in a little bazaar area and of course many great and interesting things to buy.  It is a good thing I think that people have a real interest in the byways like the paranormal and UFOlogy.

Here's Andy hawking his wares:

A shot of Rosemary:

I had several highlights on the trip. One of course was a visit to the notorious "TNT" area where Mothman first appeared.

Noxious looking water in the "TNT" area.  This area was used for munitions storage in what are called "igloos" which are concrete bunkers.  We visited the so-called "haunted igloo" purported to have been lived in by a homeless man that had killed some people at one time.

There's Andy at the entrance to the haunted igloo.  Inside looks exactly like an igloo with sloping walls in a half sphere shape.

There's a hole in the roof at the apex presumably for ventilation and to allow for gas escape in the event of an explosion or fire inside.  One of these bunkers exploded a while back and closed off the area for a time.  Some of this land is still in use for "reclamation" and storage of chemicals and presumably explosives.

In our explorations in the area Andy led the way to the Defense Logistics Plant in Point Pleasant which is closing and recently had an auction for some of it's surplus material.

A sign for the auction:

Andy has put together a rather complex web of corporate/intelligence/military money and people that surrounds the whole Mothman phenomenon and UFOlogy.
Working on a hunch Andy led us to an abandoned plant or factory of some kind which was completely gutted with random holes in the walls but was completely accessible with no fences or even signs to keep people out.  There was what appeared to be an oven or furnace inside which had what looked like asbestos just hanging out of the area around it.
A couple of strange things were observed inside.

I captured a lot of "orbs" in this photo, which was not reproduced in a subsequent photo of the same room which was the only one I photographed twice.
A creepy drawing on the wall in the abandoned facility:

BEFORE we went into the building Andy predicted that orbs would be seen.  I have never had orbs on any of my photos before that I am aware of.

After the event I attended a picnic with Andy at the home of one of his relatives.  We road a quad and took a roll on a steep hill, shot my .45 pistol, visited a private graveyard on the top of a mound like hill and had some great food with some fine folk.

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