Friday, April 29, 2011

Drinking the Kool Aid

Some thoughts on the Jonestown CIA cult experiment:
First is the popular phrase; "Drinking the Kool Aid", which refers to people that simply follow the group mind without thinking for oneself.  This originates with the Jonestown Massacre but the drink that was used to supposedly poison the populace with cyanide was in fact Flavor Aid.  How did this get mixed up in the first place?  It is a pet peeve of mine when people use this phrase that has no historical validity.  It would not surprise me if the CIA owed Kraft foods a favor and circulated the story so that Kool Aid would be ubiquitous in the language.  The spooks and the corporatocracy are always hand in glove after all.
Second why was there no follow up on the armed white guards that reportedly were involved with the massacre and fled into the jungle never to be seen again?
Third, what, if any, connection is there between Jim Jones decision to move to Guyana and the previous compound set up by David Hill under the name Rabbi Edward Washington.  The cult was a black supremacist movement named The House of Israel.
There are tons of other anomalies in the Jonestown saga.  I will comment more on this in the future.

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