Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meet the New World Order, same as the Old World Order

Alternative media has largely lost it's relevance as one can note simply by listening to some of the bigger names in the field.  I still hear the same old mantra about "fighting the New World Order".  Some of these people have been saying the same thing for twenty years.  Has the agenda of "exposing" this nefarious scheme resulted in anything substantial?

The answer should be obvious.  The implication of many of the people warning us about the coming of the New World Order and the globalist world government and etc., ad nauseum, is that it is still "coming" and can be "fought off" from "getting here".
This assertion is false.  The New World Order is here, right now, it is in place and in power.  Political union is no longer necessary in the world of interlocking trade deals and a worldwide interlocking banking system.  It's superfluous.
One can see the fruits of this reality by examining the history of the United States labor force and the standards of living in the USA.  For decades unions have been decimated.  Real wages have remained unchanged or gone down over that same period.

Even as productivity has increased.  The reality is obvious.  People are paid the same or less for doing more and more work.  Interlocking trade deals have seen work moved to third world countries where costs are much lower, which has served to reduce the earnings potential of people in the first world countries like the USA.
The World Trade Organization and "free trade" deals like NAFTA, CAFTA, and all the others it guarantees the overall trend will be to depress the economies of first and second world nations down to the level of third world nations.  It is to make all workers everywhere basically "equal" in serfdom.
The rhetoric of the political class has only served to further this idea.  We constantly have heard the lament that unionized workers and public sector workers "make too much money".  Which fosters the notion that they need to have their benefits stripped and their wages reduced so they will not be "getting over" on "the rest of us".  Scott Walker has been a poster boy of this notion.
And the fascist governor Kasich of Ohio has also jumped on the bandwagon with attempts to curtail collective bargaining rights of public sector workers.
And despite the "Marxist legend" and the right wing clown like allegations that president Obama is a closet leftist and supportive of "union bosses" he has done absolutely nothing to stop the assault on the workers of the US and has worked behind the scenes to make sure that the assault continues by pushing for more "free trade".

With the complete takeover of his administration by Goldman Sachs and other financial sector representatives it is clear who is operating the strings, and it is not Karl Marx.
Not so long ago we have been told to beware of the coming North American Union and have even had the story of the Amero, the new currency of this political union.

The reality is that there is no need for political union and those that are still trying to sell the idea that we have to "fight the New World Order" are positing a false position.  We are being told by these alternative media hypesters that we need to be fighting a coming political union when that is not going to happen and the actuality of the New World Order is already in full fruition.

When we have a central banking system in the US that gives loans to foreign banks and corporations to prop them up it is clear that the monetary system is global and that political union is unnecessary.

The facts are these.  The New World Order is already here and is entrenching itself.  And guess what?  It is exactly the same as the Old World Order.  Moneyed elites, international banking houses, and multinational corporations are the NWO and they were the OWO as well.

When we look at the current presidential race in the US we can see the agenda clearly being brought forward out in the open for all to see.  There is no need to hide it anymore.  The next step in this entrenching is to have the rolling back of the power of the nation state and that means national governments need to have their powers curtailed.  In the US this has been touted as the "solution" to our economic problems by all of the lunatic Republican candidates and the current president who simply refuses to use what authority he has and allows the assault to continue.
In Europe we see the so-called "sovereign debt crisis" being used as a means of curtailing the power of nation states.  There is no sovereign debt crisis, there is only a bankrupt banking system that sucks money from the people in Europe and then leaves the countries on the hook for bailouts to the financial overlords.
We see the stage set for the continued entrenchment of the NWO financial overlords by the rhetoric of the current establishment and it's assault on the "crushing burden" of federal regulations.  What this means is that the corporate overlords want to have the freedom to dissolve the differences between the workers of the first and third worlds as well as the environmental laws, rights to organize, access to healthcare and all the rest.
Many people buy this rhetoric and repeat the nonsense.  Asserting the notion that unionized workers "make too much" and corporations need to have their regulatory burden reduced so they can have more jobs for the people.  This is all nonsense of course.
The real assertion should be that unionized workers make more because they collectively bargain, why should not all workers be MAKING MORE MONEY and have better benefits?  The notion should not be to knock down our neighbors but to bring ourselves and others up to that same level and higher.
The notion of scaling back the power of various national governments is also flawed.  National governments are the last bulwark against complete capitulation to the feudalist corporate overlords.  BUT, national governments have also largely been infiltrated by the feudalist corporations so that they work to serve that agenda.  Is this a catch 22?  It could be if one does not focus on what really has to be done.
If one really wants to do something about the state of affairs one needs to first remove the feudalistic corporate influence from the national governments and make them into governments that serve the interests of the people and not the globalist corporate oligarchs.

The question you should ask yourself is; do I want to be a serf working on the local corporate plantation?


  1. Thank you for this concise overview of the problems in NWO conspiracies. I wouldn't go so far as to say that conspiracy research has amounted to nothing, since with many issues, such as the the toxicity of fluoride, it is the lunatic fringe who accurately assesses a problematic scenario before it becomes widely known. And I think that many times marginalized researchers don't receive due credit for that research, which of course so often overlaps with the grand conspiracy explanation-for-everything. However, the dangers in that worldview are nihilism and a selfish focus on personal survival at the expense of community. Ultimately, many of those same xenophobic conspiracy theorists will discover to their dismay that abandoning the rest of the world to focus on stockpiling canned goods will come back to bite them when they realize the deregulated corporations are monopolizing natural resources while traditional avenues of dissent have effectively been privatized. Conspiracy culture can be a very myopic mindset when not counterbalanced by a more beneficial paradigm, and this is where a commitment to social justice for ALL nations is an absolute necessity.

    1. I did not intend to give the impression that I was denigrating the entire notion of "conspiracy research". I am not, as I clearly engage in such myself. What I was intending to do was point out the idiocy of people who are continually advocating a battle against the NWO, and I think you know who it is that I am referring to, while completely ignoring the reality of the NWO's victory and rule. The ignorance may be that or it may be deliberately ignored to support a totally different agenda. One based on fear and taking advantage of that fear by conveniently selling just what you need to "survive". Ah, to hear the term social justice. Thank you, that, of course, is the basis of all of my work in this area.