Saturday, September 1, 2012

Archontic reality and cognitive dissonance of anti-union sentiment

A frequent theme of my videos is to point out some very obvious facts that anyone can very easily corroborate for themselves.  One particular topic of my ranting is on the demonization of unions.
The Propaganda that has surrounded this issue has been so effective that some people are simply incapable of seeing the reality because of it.
There is a long history of anti-union violence and death in this country.  The reasons are obvious to anyone who will look at it without an aberrant mental block.  From the robber barons of yesteryear to the multinational corporations of today business has always been about squeezing the last bit of profit out of their companies and other considerations be damned.
Let's look at some history:

The Ludlow massacre is a good case in point.
The Colorado National Guard joined with the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company guards in attacking an encampment of striking workers.  Devastating their encampment and killing as many as 25 people.

Jesse Wellborn(sic and lol) President of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company

His company was once again involved in another use of state and private guards to put down a strike in 1927 with fatal violence.  In Columbine of all places.  Six strikers were killed.  When records became available years later it was shown that the company had conducted a massive campaign against the union for a long time.

The Colorado Labor Wars were another series of actions that serve to illustrate the point.  Here again we have the merging of the employers and the state as well as private guards in working to crush union efforts to better their working conditions.

The Homestead strike is another case in point.

Andrew Carnegie through his underling Henry Clay Frick was able to demolish the strike through the coordinated efforts of state and private "security".  State militia was called in to secure the site for scabs to be used.  This may have also been the first time that so-called "anarchists" have been used to discredit union activities by unfounded association.  This same tactic can be seen in other spontaneous struggles throughout the years following most notably in the anti-WTO protests in Seattle in 1999.  There we saw the supposed "black bloc" anarchists associated with the demonstrations.  In many cases the supposed "anarchists" were shown to be agents of the state and were the ones that engaged in destructive activity.  The obvious conclusion is that there was a concerted effort to demonize the protesters and make them out to be destructive anarchists.

Strikes and work stoppages continued up and into World War II in an effort to secure better working conditions and salaries for employees.  During the war and the several years that followed saw the height of union organization and membership.

Of course there is much more to the story than what is presented here.  But many of the things we working people of today take for granted, like the 40 hour work week and overtime pay are all the result of organized activity by unions.

I would, of course, be remiss if I did not mention that in many of the union strikes and activities the unions did engage in violence of their own as well both against management and other unions.  But typically the scale of the union violence was several levels below that of the corporations and the state.

It seemed that as time marched on there was a concerted effort made by the various corporations to associate unions with both "Communism" and organized crime.  This legacy is perhaps the one that has most been ingrained into the minds of the people of the US today to blind people to the reality of unions and the very real service that they provide.  Of course it should not go unmentioned that there was some truth to the organized crime element, but once again it was a case of not seeing the forest for the trees.  Organized crime had their hands in many pies including the very corporations that the unions were working for but little association is made to the corporations in this time frame.

We have come down to today where there is a generally negative view of unions that is fostered by corporations that feed the vague notions of union corruption and blame unions for the dissolution of industry in this country because of their demands for "ludicrous" pay and benefits that the "poor" corporations simply could not keep up with and be profitable.  This, of course, is a lie.  Collateral trade agreements were the beginning of the end for organized labor in this country when it was made easy and profitable for companies to off-shore their production to cheaper labor markets.

The demonization of unions has largely been the result of the John Birch-like far right ideologies of the so-called libertarian "free market" types that were very influential in the 1960's into the 1970's at the height of the Cold War.  And it has been since 1970 that we have seen the most massive loss of both union membership and a corresponding decline in real wages and benefits for all workers in the United States.  The correlation is not just coincidental.  Here is a short article that spells it out quite clearly, pinning the beginning of the decline to 1973.

And yet the nature of our reality today in the United States is such that the Archons are able to get away with this blatant cognitive dissonance and people are completely incapable of working their minds around it.  You will still hear the very same tired tropes of "union thugs", "union mobs", "fat cat union leaders" and more touted by these brainwashed lemmings spoon fed propaganda from the right for years.  And while it should be said that to a large extent the power of labor in the United States has been largely nullified because of coordinated activity on the part of corporations and the government, and that there are some "union fat cat bosses" this is such an insignificant thing in comparison to the decimation and havoc that have been wrought upon this country by the fascist state and the their corporate owners.

Today the emphasis is squarely placed on public sector unions which is one of the last bastions of large scale organized labor.  We can see the attacks coming from everywhere in the country where hard right governors are attempting to attack and dismantle unions in their states.

This is all a coordinated effort to destroy organized labor in this country completely.  The reasons should be obvious.  Totalitarian and fascist regimes go after organized labor right away because they are a potential threat to the corporate power that dominates the state, whether that be by cutting into the profits of the CEO's or representing a focus point for class struggle and mass protests that aim for the state.

Anyone with any degree of independent thought can make the connections in their own mind and realize what is really happening here, but largely the propaganda and the surreal nature of our reality today has defused real thought process from the minds of so many that has disabled rational thinking.

This is another example of the triumph of the Archons in our world by rendering so many otherwise thinking beings into mindless lemmings that continue to spout meaningless rhetoric straight from the action plans of the CATO [Koch Brothers] Institute and the Heritage [John Birch-like right wing free market boosters] Foundation.

Even the alternative media is rife with the very same problem.  The loud mouth from Texas is an excellent example;

Alex Jones.  Huge proponent of Ron Paul the faux candidate for President and torch bearer for the "free market", code word for union busting, among other things (as Paul is a proponent of so-called "right to work" laws in defense of corporate interests with the power of the state).

Most of the shilling that Jones does is in defense of the corporate oligarchy, dressed up in conspiracy clothes and fear mongering.  He is quick to jump on any tragedy or political opportunity to demonize the state, while largely ignoring the corporate oligarchy that is calling the shots behind the scenes.  He pays lip service to the idea of evil "international bankers" but does not touch the very real corporate behemoths that own our government and make the policies that enslave the people.

He was right out of the gate coming out against Occupy Wall Street as a nefarious plot even before it developed into much.  If occupy largely devolved and unraveled and became irrelevant because of various attempts to co-opt it it did at least shine the light of the REAL problem in this country as symbolized by Wall Street; finance capital.  That message has largely been lost now.

There are many more examples in the so-called alternative media that do the same thing.

Organized labor and unions have been one of the key features of the advancement of the interests of ALL working people in this country.  They have proven themselves in history to be capable of having a huge impact on the respective industries they represent as well as the course of the nation.  It was only a matter of time and effort before such potential opposition would be rendered moot in corporate fascist Archontic Amerika.  The job was done very well indeed.


  1. So glad someone called out this loud mouthed, fear mongering, self-important phony. Alex Jones I mean. And please if you can, tell me how it is that people who don't trust government as far as they can kick it, would put so much faith in a career government man? Ron Paul is nothing but a semi-covert racist that does nothing but sell dreams to innocent people.

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