Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fascist Amerika

Sometimes it is necessary to remind people that we live in a very different United States than that which our ancestors were familiar.  While there was a time as recent as the 1950's and 60's that the people in this country were actually pretty well off in the grand scheme of things those times are long past.  Indeed the decline of the American middle class started in the 1970's with abandon.  No longer were we the land of the American dream for most people, since that time real wages for the middle class has stagnated or been very slow to keep pace with the gathering wealth of the rich and corporations.
This graph is from this website which clearly shows that since 1967 the upper 5th of the population has seen a growth in income and real wealth while the other 4/5ths have seen a decline.  This proves the assertion that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
Inequality has become endemic in the United States such that it is virtually impossible for one to break into the class above the one you occupy.  That is antithetical to the so-called American Dream.
The thing that people need to realize, one of the most important lessons in this display, is that the rich get richer even when we suffer economic declines.  This is most readily apparent in the recent economic collapse of 2008 and ongoing.
Lest people accuse me of being a Marxist, which I most assuredly am not, I need to point out that there is nothing wrong with striking it rich or achieving wealth and fame.  That should be something attainable by all, and the fact that it isn't is the thing that is wrong.
The government of the United States has largely been suborned by the money and power of corporations like Goldman Sachs.  There are a great many "former" Goldman Sachs employees in the Obama administration which should tell you the dynamic that is going on.
That brings me to another very important point.  For the "Tea Party" and radical right types as well as the people on the left that would continue to support the treacherous duplicity of the man, this is especially important to know and acknowledge.  Obama is NOT a Socialist, Marxist, Communist, pro-union, anti-corporate leftist.  Far from it.  And most especially he is a corporatist fascist and because he has a strongly established left cover he is the perfect wolf in sheep's clothing.  
If one were to look at the totality of what has been accomplished in Obama's presidency one is left with the undeniable conclusion that Obama is a corporate man.
The country is not completely lost yet but it is fast heading that way.  People from all sides of the political spectrum need to realize that that it is corporate domination of the body politic that has led to the mess we are in.
The latest thing that fuels this corporate agenda is an attack on unions.  Many people jump on this bandwagon because it is easy to do so when you have a job that doesn't pay as much or have adequate benefits.  But look at the flip side.  If the private sector was doing what should be done, by providing a living wage and adequate benefits then there would be nothing for people to envy about public unions.  But more importantly it is an obvious attempt by the same rich and corporations to throw people off the scent of their own fraud and theft and responsibility for the economic disaster that has presaged the current debate.
People fall for this because they have been fed a bill of goods for years which tells them that there is a "left and a "right" and that Democrats are "for the people" and Republicans "are for big business".  This is all a joke.  It is the biggest con job.  The fact that people are quick to jump on the anti-union bandwagon proves that the divide and conquer strategy is working.
Should it be more of a goal for all to fight for the benefits of your FELLOW workers and those in the middle class and TOGETHER work for the implementation of a living wage and adequate benefits for ALL.  And JOIN together to wrest control of the government away from the corporate scalliwags and the rich that control it rather than begrudging someone that happens to make a pittance more than you do?

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