Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Japan Nuclear crisis and war in Libya

For those who follow the news, and who can avoid it in the face of so much negative action lately, I will make a few observations on these issues.
The swing in media reporting on Japan from deadly contamination to it's all under control is meant to drive emotions.  The disaster their is real and heartbreaking for many.  What is worse is the obvious manipulation of the event by the media to drive emotions and evoke sharp responses.
President Obama's justifications for war in Libya are so completely idiotic that one wonders why he bothered to make them in the first place.  No consultation with congress and getting his orders from the UN is very telling.  The amazing thing to me is the continued support for this president from so-called progressives and "liberals".  Not only has he already shown he is war happy like his predecessor by continuing the illegal Iraq war, prolonging and intensifying the Afghan war which has no purpose that anyone can define, and ramping up assaults on Pakistan, but now has his own war to boot.  Progressives are quick to paint themselves into a corner by arguing that we are "defending people from an evil dictator".  But amazingly they never bothered to call for US intervention into Syria, Yemen or countless African nations in similar situations.

Coming soon a symbolic look at the movie SKYLINE.

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