Thursday, April 26, 2012

Missing Children, the shadow behind the numbers [UPDATED 5/25/12]

I was recently thinking on the issue of missing children and made a video that commented upon the enormous number of children that are initially reported as missing.

There needs to be some additional work done on this piece of "history".  The numbers may seen daunting and the video is meant to be alarming but there is much more to the story than what is present within the FBI statistics for 2010 (presumably the last year for which they have complete information).

It just so happened that the case of this missing boy:

Etan Patz, made his way back into the news with a renewed search for clues in his case.  Andy Colvin would call this story an "unsolvable".  These stories according to Andy are brought up in the controlled media to remind people that some things are never solved instilling a sense of inevitability and ultimately apathy into the population.  If you'd like to hear Andy list some types of stories that appear in the news media, and their purposes please have a listen to this show.  That is an episode of Media Monarchy, which is produced by James Evan Pilato.
[UPDATE May 25,2012]  There has been an arrest in the case of Etan Patz.  It should be noted that this comes after 33 years.  What is interesting here is that the man arrested for the death of Patz is Pedro Hernandez, a man with a "long psychiatric history".  In custody he is on suicide watch.  Isn't it a bit bizarre that in many of these types of cases the authorities find a convenient "crazy" person that did it.  Pedro says he lured Etan with the promise of a soda, choked him to death and dumped the body in the trash a block and a half away.  He gave no motive.  Authorities noted that it was "unlikely" that the body would be recovered.  Is this an "unsolvable" solved?  I don't think so because the guilt of this guy is questionable and even if he did do it the body is not going to be found and there will be open questions left unanswered.

I would like this blog post to be a reminder of the lost and missing children.  Such as:

Madelaine McCann, who's story may be much more deep and dark than even the horror of her abduction/loss.

Kyron Horman, missing from a Portland school.  Still missing with no clues as to his fate.  Odd circumstances surrounding his step-mother and father and their divorce.

Betsy Araque

Susan Robin Bender

Akeyla Warren

What are some of the accepted "facts" when it comes to missing children?  One is that most abductions are carried out by a family member, notably a non-custodial parent.  That is actually only 0.1% of the number of missing children, which is only slightly more than the 0.08% that are abducted by strangers, which statistically are equal.

What is really astounding is that the vast majority of these children, over 97%, are classified as runaways.  Now let us just assume that the numbers are accurate and ask this question; what is going on in the homes of so many children that causes HALF A MILLION kids to run away from them?  If this was the absolute reality then it is a national crisis that needs to be addressed.

I have good questions with regard to the numbers as presented and the ultimate resolution of the cases of missing children.  Given that the overwhelming majority of cases are "resolved" as runaway one wonders what exactly is known fact in regards to the status of children as runaway.  Is the child located, at home or away?  Is their status determined by default if there is no obvious evidence of a crime?  What if the reality of the situation is much darker?

People who hear the number, over five hundred thousand, in 2010, they may initially be appalled but when they look further they may feel as though this issue is not one that is that important since the FBI happily tell you that more cases are removed from the system every year than that are entered into the system.  So that means a negative resolve rate.  Presumably hundreds of nonexistent children are found every year by the FBI.  That is how good they are!  The final number of "open" cases for all missing people in 2010 was 85,820 and of them 38,505 were juveniles.

One needs to look a little deeper to see something rather disturbing here.  During the decade of the 90's the entry rate exceeded the clear rate and for that decade there were a total of 40,000 + cases that were not cleared.  That means that even by their own numbers for the decade of the 90's over 40,000 missing people were never accounted for.  Now an interesting thing happens starting in the year 2000.  The number of cleared cases exceeds the number of entries, for every year through to 2010.  That is where the non-existent children come into play.

This issue should be of more concern especially in light of the various things that have happened in the past and present day regarding the use of children by pedophile monsters and horrific abuse in other ways.

McMartin preschool was the epicenter of a huge case of molestation with "Satanic" elements that was a part of the "Satanic Panic" of the 1980's.  Ultimately, after costly trials, no one faced any time in jail and there was a kind of backlash against the notion of molestation as espoused by children.  This case served as a foundation for the forming of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and the notion that children can be easily manipulated into believing something happened to them even when it didn't.  And the further notion that "false memories" are a reality and relatively easy to induce.  There seems to be little evidence for this.
It should be noted that the founders of the FMSF were all people who had been "falsely" accused of child abuse.  According to Alex Constantine the FMSF is infiltrated or controlled by elements of the intelligence community.  You can read a great piece which develops this theme right here.  One has to wonder at the exact motivation of a group that is determined to help people accused of child abuse by making the accuser appear to be the victim not of abuse but of "false memories".
There are also pedophile scandals which have come and gone.  One of the most infamous is the case of Johnny Gosch.

During the course of the trials and tribulations of Johnny's kidnapping his name came to be associated with the infamous:

Larry King and the Franklin Savings and Loan.  Author Nick Bryant has written a recent book on this topic titled "The Franklin Scandal".

The "Franklin cover up" is an alleged child sex trafficking, molestation and murder conspiracy that involved high power figures in the state of Nebraska and in the Department of Justice as well as the Republican party. It also involved the one time home of Charles Manson:

A key witness in that case was:

Paul Bonacci, alleged to be a victim in this nefarious operation.

Of course there is also the widely acknowledged molestation and abuse cases and allegations that have besieged the Catholic Church over the course of decades.  It is this that also lends heavy credence to the participation of Boy's Town in this type of heinous activity.
It is quite clear that pedophile priests have been systematically protected from the law and basically allowed to continue their horrid actions unchecked. Boy's Town is a charitable organization that is tied to the Church and in recent years another charity has come under scrutiny for the molestation charges brought against the head of it.

Jerry Sandusky, affiliated with both the Penn State University and:

The Second Mile children's charity.

In light of the economic reality of today it should be obvious that there are many young people who are in precarious living situations that may be induced to run away for "greener pastures".  The staggering numbers cannot be explained that easily.  Another major motivator for children to flee an environment is that the environment is one that encompasses abuse of one variety or another.  This need not be confined to the home either.  In the times we live in there are many highly vulnerable emotionally impaired children that are exactly the type of kids that can be spotted and used by pedophiles and other predators.

As has been noted there are many factors at work here in this issue but regardless of what you wish to focus on the conclusion can be none other than that we have a genuine crisis that needs to be addressed squarely.

While the children are the most important simply by virtue of the fact that they are young and especially vulnerable.  There are also untold thousands of missing people over the age of 18 as well.  In 2010 nearly 50,000 unsolved active cases (if you accept the numbers as given) of missing adults.  One new work that has focused on highly unusual disappearances is a 2 book set by author David Paulides entitled "Missing 411", one for Western US and Canada and the other on the Eastern US.  The material in these books makes a strong case for the notion that there is something strange going on that causes the disappearances of many people.

It is not just the "average Joe" which ends up being the "victim" of mysterious disappearance either.  There are many famous people throughout the ages that have disappeared mysteriously, one can consult a list right here.

There are no easy answers to the greater problem but one thing is for sure and that is that we have a problem and it needs to be explored.  If even one child is missing that is a tragedy for the friends and family of that child.  But the yearly accumulation of these children is a national disgrace and deserves to be widely disseminated.

There is a horror out there lurking in the shadows, let us not be deterred by what we might find once it is brought into the light.


  1. Thanks for this post. My adult son goes camping every year in the wildernesses of eastern USA and I am very concerned for him. I've sent your remarks about David Paulides' books to him as I did others I've read elsewhere today. The missing child phenomenon is an abomination about which I do not understand why there isn't a 24/7 investigative grop working on this continually or if there is one, what is it doing?

  2. Oh man.
    I was a long time survivor of abuse and neglect by both parents, although my father was primarily responsible for the physical abuse.
    In court he was accused of ongoing abuse and was given a court order: no contact with me or with my then-guardians at all, whatsoever. Oddly enough, he also bitched for years after he and my mother (the primary instigator, responsible for most of the abuse taking place after they regained custody and a lock-step militant SkepAth employee of Pfizer/Wyeth/Wyeth-Ayerst) regained custody, that the lawyers and psychologists in southside Virginia brought up the ideas that he was a shapeshifting reptilian alien.
    I shit you not.
    He jumped on the False memory Syndrome bandwagon and rode that horse as far as he could.
    My last 10 years with them were hell. I'm an experiencer from birth, deeply spiritual, and an anarcho-primitivist. I am shaking right now as i'm trying to take all of this in. Thank you.

    1. Candyblossom do you think I should post a warning for possible memory triggers in the post?

  3. Many missing children experiencing mental or physical abuse so parents watched carefully and kept their children away for the tragedy that often occurs in young people today.

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