Thursday, May 17, 2012

Patriotism is a pernicious, psychopathic form of idiocy

The quote from George Bernard Shaw which makes up the title of this post is just a nibble.  The post is not about patriotism, but psychopathy, and sociopathy.

Another great quote from Shaw is this one:

The evil to be attacked is not sin, suffering, greed, priesthood, kingcraft, demagogy, monopoly, ignorance, drink, war, pestilence, nor any of the other scapegoats which reformers sacrifice, but simply poverty.

This is so very true today as it ever has been.  
People who believe that poverty is something worth fighting and that blind patriotism for a nation run by psychopaths or sociopaths is not a good thing are routinely categorized by labels.  You're a "liberal", a "socialist", or you "hate freedom", or you're a "communist".  The labeling is done with glee and largely meant with surety.

There is a mainlining of psychopathology and sociopathology in all forms of media and in every day life.  When we are confronted by politicians that advocate policies that are blatantly anti-human and sociopathic as well as being fed movies that feature psychopathic characters who don't see final justice in the movies we are left with the acceptance of such things as our only choice.

Lunacy rules the day.

It has come to the point in the political arena that the GOP is ousting candidates that are not sufficiently crazy.  Witness Senator Richard Lugar, though a solid right winger, he had the temerity to suggest that one needed to compromise in order to achieve goals in congress.  Oh the temerity!  He lost to Richard Mourdock who ran on the promise of no compromise at all.  The intransigence only guarantees that politics in this country will become more ludicrous and brinksman-like. 

When one realizes that the entire political arena in this country is controlled, left, right, Republican, Democrat, they are all the party of corporations and Wall Street one must ask why this would happen?  What would the goal of this be?  It's clear.  If you have a lunatic right wing that will not compromise then the entire political sphere must eventually move farther to the right since any niggling compromise will be far to the right.        

The lunatics hail bullying, a new Crusade against all of Islam, war, death, destruction, predatory capitalism, preying on the poor, destroying any social safety nets, more riches for the rich, denying birth control to women, bailing out banks for their gambling losses then decrying regulations that barely do anything, stringently requiring people to be "responsible" and pay their full mortgage no matter that their house is worth much less than the mortgage and more.  Mitt Romney the presumptive Republican nominee for President is a modern day Danite, see my breakdown here.  His history of bullying and pranking for which he seems to have escaped any punishment would maybe be of little import if seen in isolation but when combined with his financial history of destroying businesses, families and people one may be excused for thinking he has sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies.

The "other side" is already staking out a position to the right.  President Obama is a right wing politician.  He has been masterfully crafted and packaged with a legend that would cause people to become befuddled at his "real" position on any issue.  While many are bogged down in his birth certificate controversy and it's surreal nature as well as his connections with Bill Ayers the radical leftist member of the Weather Underground and the water cooler talk proposing that Obama's real father is in reality Frank Marshall Davis another leftist labor activist; Obama's ACTUAL policies are hardly ever examined.

All you hear from the lunatics is that Obama is a closet socialist or communist.  Funny how no one on the right has proposed the "F" word to describe him.  Fascist would be the "F" word in question.

This has also bled into other areas of life as well.  We have a religious war as well, a war of ideals that is bleeding through our lives.  The religious war attacks other religions as well as heretical beliefs.  We have the rise of the Skeptics, the Atheists, and the sciencism folk that shred spirituality and decry any mystical or alternative practices.  The "religious right" is still a powerful force that seeks to impose a sort of Old Testament theocracy on America and the world.  The atheists, skeptics and scientism people have targeted the pagan, the unorthodox, the heretical more than they have targeted mainline religions.  It's a war for soul, for spirit and in this fight the "religious right" and mainline churches are aligned against the same heretical forces.  Psychopathy and sociopathy have infected the system so much that the radiating effects of the demented infiltration have had a serious effect upon our culture.  Culture is often the fountainhead through which the spiritual emerges.  More than that it has had an effect upon the very psyche of the population, like a virus it seeks to destroy the spark of consciousness that would seek the spiritual and the mystical to weed out that connection with nature, the Anima Mundi anything that doesn't promote the continuation of the virus.  
Let us not forget that in the environment that we have been forced to live in there is little time for people to pursue that elusive connection and the "divine spark" of mystical knowledge.  We are forced to slave in jobs that barely support us and our families, we are confronted by stone headed immovable people that live and breath irrationality.  All of this crushes our spirits and nearly extinguishes the flame that would seek that elusive connection to truth and fulfillment and maybe a hope for the future of the human race.


  1. What do you actually know about “Old Testament theocracy”? If you are engaging in analysis of language then your own use of words should be denotatively precise and free of connotation.

    The "religious right” in contemporary America is a hybrid of Darby-Scofield Dispensationalism which people like the Puritans would have regarded as a heresy, and racist Israeli Talmudism.

    Here are a few anomalies that shatter the stereotype: if we had an Old Testament theocracy in America no one could receive the death penalty without testimony from two eyewitnesses who say they saw the defendant commit murder. Perjury in such cases would be punishable by execution so false witness would be far less prevalent.

    All debts public and private could only last seven years.

    There would be no prisons! (Except for prisoners of war and people awaiting trial). Things like theft would be redressed by indentured servitude with the servant would be able in many cases to return to his family and home in the evening and pursue his own work. No such servitude could last longer than seven years.

    There would be no interest on money except in terms of loans to enemy nations (since interest is a weapon of warfare); therefore no student loan debt peonage; no mortgage disaster.

    Don’t make the blunder of mistaking the idiot counterfeit as presented by Fox News, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and system-anointed TV preachers for the real thing. There is no Old Testament theocracy in the U.S. otherwise we’d have gleaning for the poor, no bribery or criminal politics, widows and orphans strictly protected and every 50 years a Jubilee declared - captives set free, mortgaged lands returned, debts wiped out and all but necessary work suspended. All herbs would be legal, including psychoactive ones. Greed and profiteering would be serious crimes. The US banking system would be impossible.

    Under the true New Testament understanding of the Old Testament, wars against pagans would be suspended, along with penalties for homosexuality (no homosexuals except one or two rapists were executed in Puritan New England; although it is unfair to cite the Puritans as archetypal Old Testament figures because they applied Old Testament principles unevenly under extraordinary pressure from the occultist British Crown, and wrongly punished heretics in defiance of Jesus’ example, which is why Puritan Roger Williams founded Providence, Rhode Island, as a heretics’ haven).

    Puritans also gave America the Congregationalism out of which evolved American individual rights and representative, small scale government.

    Right wing Republicans in America with their usury interest, “greed is good” Ayn Randism, executions of innocent persons as under G.W. Bush in Texas, bribery, and wars for counterfeit “Israel” would be an abomination in an Old Testament system.

    As a follower of Jesus Christ I do not advocate an Old Testament theocracy. He reformed many aspects of it. But the notion that the Right wing gang of corrupt Republican greedheads who are in thrall to the One Percent are representative of Old Testament theocracy is farcical. There can be no rule of money under the Old Testament, and it is the Money Power that is the people's chief nemesis in this era.

    Michael Hoffman
    Author: “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare"

    1. Thanks for the comment Michael. To be fair I did say " a sort of Old Testament Theocracy". Of course anything presented to us as in adherence to Biblical teaching by the mainstream media or politicians is mere words since they cherry pick the ideas and practices that they wish to support or attack based upon the fact that they worship Mammon, as we both readily recognize. In this society all things are subservient to money and wealth.