Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where will you be during the war on consciousness?

Ever since Cass Sunstein talked about the dangers of "conspiracy theory" and the need to take it on with a new idea he called cognitive infiltration of groups in an attempt to introduce fighting within these groups so that they will be rendered ineffective we have seen many signs of this within the so-called "truth movement".  Not that conspiracy theories can't fall apart on their own, which many do, but one wonders why if the basic premise is without merit one needs to consider it much.
Our world is a much different place to people who are able to see and experience beyond the cultural drivel of television and the endless grind of political puppet shows.  On one level we have the "conspiracy theorist".  These people had been lampooned for many years as crazy and disturbed.

Derisively called "nutters" and advised repeatedly to wear their "tin foil hats". After the horror of 9/11 this general category of people has morphed into a broader sphere that is generally known as the "truth movement".  In today's environment we have many folks that operate on this level and the king of alternative media himself Alex Jones has become the poster boy for many in this camp.  This post is not meant to be a diatribe about Jones but a few words would be instructive.  He and his minions are locked into worldviews that focus a huge amount of attention onto specific areas while completely avoiding many issues of great importance or giving them lip service only.  He has spawned many others that started out as his "boys".  Jason Bermas:

And Mark Dice:

Are but two examples.  They were groomed by Jones and have been let loose to practice Jones' form of cognitive infiltration by setting the agenda and assuring that the "truth movement" stays focused on a certain set of criteria and move no further or get out of that box.
I am one to point out the faults of those that purport to bring "us" the truth so can't blame those that tread that water but I have a problem with setting up drones to carry your water and people that bite the hands that feed them.  For instance Mark Dice in a recent article attacked Milton William Cooper basically taking Alex Jones' tirades against Cooper and filling them out.  The irony of this cannot be understated.  If not for Cooper these folks would not have much that they have built their petty little kingdoms upon.  Regardless of the faults of Cooper, of which there were many, it seems rather callous and hypocritical for Dice to attack him so vehemently in his recent post since he wouldn't be doing his thing were it not for Cooper preparing the field for him.

My main focus here is on the war on consciousness and the idea of cognitive infiltration.  In recent months and longer I have become more focused on the idea of consciousness itself and the notion of escape from the Black Iron Prison that Phillip K. Dick warned of in his seminal work VALIS.

I'd be remiss if I did not throw in the Archons talked about by the Gnostics and related so well by John Lamb Lash in his work, "Not in His Image".

It becomes more apparent to me as time goes on that we live in a false reality.  It may be as "simple" as that there is a bigger reality beyond our senses or that this world we know through our senses has no "reality" at all and that things are much stranger than we think.  Cue "Twilight Zone" theme...

Ah, I hear you say, what does this have to do with cognitive infiltration?  Well, in our efforts to try and get in touch with the wider reality or the "real" beyond the real we have to look at and experiment with many modes of thought and divergent ideas.  It seems that there is a cognitive infiltration going on within this "alternative viewpoint" community.  There are many people that operate within the framework like Jones does in the "truth movement" but there are also attacks from without.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the amazing work of Christopher Knowles for pointing out this particular trend so well in his Facebook group.  The assault that I am speaking of is from the skeptic/atheist community.  Some of the most loathsome characters one could ever have the misfortune of meeting.
This group spends an inordinate amount of time attacking the alternative consciousness community.  They go out of their way to debunk psychics and UFOs and the New Age movement and all manner of alternative viewpoints.  But they seem rather mute on going after some of the obvious targets like major organized religions (because they are cowardly, and the mainline churches have money and power to fight them).  Like Alex Jones gives lip service to ideas outside his "truth movement" box so too the Skeptic/atheists pay lip service to addressing organized religion.  And like Alex Jones they save their best vitriol for that which is their main focus; people and groups that experiment with consciousness and reality.

The shambling horrors full of bile that make up this crowd take great pride in attacking these alternative ideas as well as anyone in their own cesspit that challenges their little fiefdom.  Which is also rather like Alex Jones as well.

The point is that if we are to have a future as a species we need to move beyond the boxes that we have been placed in, like Russian dolls around us...

And that means to advance our consciousness to grasp a greater reality.  There is absolutely no way that we are going to progress at all if we fail to get that and work to achieve it.  If that should not happen then the Black Iron Prison will continue and the Empire will truly never die and the little and big horrors we face all the time will flay us alive over and over again.  We need to wake up.  Not in the "9/11 was an inside job" sense but in a Gurdjieff way.

To do that we have to examine the mysteries, the high strangeness, the UFOs, the mystical, the mind expanding, the altered states, and the bizarre.  But we have enemies that seek to demolish these things and to "debunk" the ideas in them.  Keeping us in a cell of the Black Iron Prison that is called reductionist materialism.  They tell us there are no UFOs, no mysteries, no truth to myth, and that anything you experience is simply biochemical reactions in the brain.  There is no soul or spirit, no higher state of consciousness, no elevated awareness, no possibility of connection to a source outside ourselves, since they claim it doesn't exist.

Now the question is; why would they care?  Am I bothering them having these, according to them, lunatic notions?  Either I am bothering them or they are operating according to a script that they have been duped into following or willingly go along with.

The reason that is the case is because the Empire of lies fears this numinous approach because it offers a way out and a future for man that is full of meaning, purpose, and a promise that goes beyond the materialism that we are enmeshed in.

The Skeptic/atheist community is practicing a form of cognitive infiltration, knowingly or not, for the powers that be, to debunk and attack the people delving into alternative consciousness because this is a threat to the continuation of the empire and the solidity of the Black Iron Prison.


  1. Fantastic post Ted! I couldn't agree more. Once again this post is well-written, well thought out, and clear in it's message. You continue to inspire and pave the road for all of us. There is wisdom here for all to see.

  2. Excellent work, Ted. Thank you.

  3. You might enjoy this:


    It's an interview with Sheldrake.

    One of my favorite quotes:

    The reliability of another of science’s ‘constants’ is also doubtful: the speed of light may not be as constant as we have been led to believe. “When I investigated this some years ago,” Sheldrake tells me, “I came to realise that although the speed of light is assumed to be constant and precisely known, there is evidence to suggest otherwise. The speed of light is measured regularly, in university laboratories all around the world, and each comes up with slightly different results. The final figure is arrived at by a committee of expert metrologists who average the ‘best’ results and arrive at a consensus. But this is not based on all the results they are supplied with; some are discarded, either because they differ too much from what is expected or because their source is not considered totally reliable.”

    Measurement of the speed of light began in the early 20th century. Initially, there were considerable variations, but by 1927 the experts had agreed on an “entirely satisfactory” speed of 299,796km (186,300 miles) per second. The following year, this mysteriously dropped by around 20km (12 miles) per second. The new speed was recorded all around the world, with the ‘best’ values closely matching. This lower speed remained constant from about 1928 to 1945, then in the late 1940s it went back up again. It was suggested by some scientists that this might indicate cyclical variations in the speed of light.

    “Now we may never know,” Sheldrake laments, “because the problem was eventually solved by locking the speed of light into a closed loop. The metre is now defined by the speed of light – which is defined in metres. So if the speed of light really does vary in the future, the metre will vary with it, and we shall have no way of telling! I took this up,” he goes on, “with some of the experts. I visited one – he actually had a sign on his door saying Chief Metrologist. When I inquired about the 1928 to 1945 variation he muttered, ‘Oh you know about that, do you?’ He admitted it was a little embarrassing that so many respected scientists had made faulty measurements during that period…

    “‘But this is interesting!’ I said. ‘What if there really were variations? Shouldn’t it be investigated?’ He looked at me aghast. ‘Whatever for? The speed of light is a constant!’ The Universal Gravitational Constant also varies,” adds Sheldrake, “but they’re a bit more open about that.”

    It reminds of Peter Brookesmith's (a sceptic with a c) comment that he once asked James Randi how a particular paranormal phenomena could be replicated using stage magic and Randi said something like, "I don't have to tell you. The phenomena in question is impossible so it couldn't have happened."