Friday, November 16, 2012

Secession, racism, anti-government; LDS and Danite insurrection

As hard as it is to believe the rabid fanatics on the right have taken their hatred, racism, misogyny, and upward redistribution of wealth to new extremes after the outcome of the election.  And before we look at some examples of this I will state right here at the beginning that I am NOT an Obama supporter and thoroughly reject his Wall Street faction and his false left cover.
Some of the most immediate comments from the rabid right can be found here.
And for some inflammatory comments on secession look here.  Note the term "maggots" used for people who support Obama.  Which is not so much a charge leveled against Obama supporters as it is a charge leveled against the majority of people in the country that foaming at the mouth, rabid, right wing ideologues would have us believe were maggots, draining the Treasury with all of the "freebies" that Obama "the closet Socialist/Marxist/Communist" has been giving away and will continue giving away in the future.  Of course that notion is completely fraudulent but an effective propaganda campaign has convinced many people that there is a huge population of layabouts and cheats sucking up non-existent welfare and other programs.  Most of this can find it's roots in the legacy of Ayn Rand.

Much of this has been fostered by the neo-confederate, neo-feudalist Ron Paul and the so-called "patriot" and "alternative media" that has hammered into the heads of the people a hatred for "the government".

For a very real look at the current state of affairs in the economic realm one can look here.  The link will give you a very good breakdown of the coming "Grand Bargain" better known as the "Great Betrayal" that will assault Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as well as other things that impact the poor, seniors and the middle class.  But this analysis only goes so far in explaining the situation because it is just a look at the naked facts and tries to explain it in the context of real people who have a working brain and the power to actually do something.  These are open questions.

I believe there are several factions in the economic sphere.  Obama represents a certain faction in the Wall Street crowd.  Seemingly his clique is interested in raping people more slowly and not killing the goose that lays the eggs in the process.  I also believe that we have the remnants of the Hughes empire and the Mormon faction that has two goals; one, rape and pillage with abandon because; two, they hate the country and the American people.  The Mormon clique seems to be allied with the likes of the John Birch Society and the Koch Brothers in support of measures that will lead to genocidal austerity being imposed upon the middle classes and the poor for the enrichment of those at the top.  And of course the rabid, right wing, fascists like the Koch brothers who want to take everything that is not nailed down and dismantle the entire social safety net and bring on crushing, brutal austerity.

With the outcome of the election we are in a space where normally you would expect moderation on the part of the losing party but that is not the case.  The foaming-at-the-mouth, racist, corporate fascist, right wing is not moderating at all and has instead decided to entrench themselves.  Thus calls for secession, nullification, refusing to implement federal law, and direct attacks on the so-called lazy electorate that wants "free stuff" from the government.

This is a dangerous time on more than the financial front as well.  It has been alleged that the killing of the ambassador and 3 others in Benghazi, Libya may have been prevented by a CIA station nearby which had 12 people ready to step in but they say they were told to stand down.  The deaths in Benghazi have been alleged to have been allowed to happen to benefit the Romney campaign by the Mormon mafia clique in the intelligence community.  That is another danger we face.  Terrorism that is either fomented or allowed to happen by doing nothing to stop it.

Webster Tarpley makes a strong case for the infiltration of our intelligence agencies by a Mormon faction in his latest book on Romney and the Mormons.  The fact that Mormons go abroad for several years and return with a second language, they don't drink, smoke, or even drink coffee.  These people make ideal recruits into the FBI and CIA and other agencies because of their being clean cut, "good living", and knowing a foreign language.  It's entirely possible that over the years these people have made their way to key positions that can have a large impact on the actions or inaction of those agencies when decisive action is needed in the face of a fast growing crisis.  Viz; Benghazi.

In the wake of the Benghazi tragedy we have seen David Petraeus the former head of the NATO (ahem) operation in Afghanistan and the director of the CIA resign over a supposed affair with his biographer.  This has snared another general and an FBI agent as well.  The affair thing is probably just a bunch of nonsense.  I think Petraeus has seen what is coming and he wants out of the way before all of this comes down.

I would refer you back to my earlier blog post on Romney and the Danites of the Mormon church.  In that post I make the case that the Danites have moved into the financial sector.  This was a legacy of the Hughes empire and led almost directly to Bain Capital.  I should note that this was stolen or embezzled money from the Hughes empire via the Mormon's surrounding him and running things for him when he was in his very bad last years.  With Webster Tarpley's new book we can see a much deeper infiltration by the Mormon church, not only in the financial industry but also in the intelligence apparatus.

If we accept that the Mormons are in these positions one might be inclined to say "So what?".  I probably would say the same but for the history of the Mormon church and the blatant antagonism that they have had for the government of the United States and the people of the country, whom they call Gentiles.

This can all be traced back to the Oath of Vengeance, which all Mormons had to swear up until the 1920's when it was (publicly) repudiated.  Because of the history of the church and their pragmatic use of lying and fraud and all the rest to accomplish their goals I do not believe that the church has abandoned this Oath and the sentiment that goes with it.

"You and each of you do covenant and promise that you will pray and never cease to pray to Almighty God to avenge the blood of the prophets upon this nation, and that you will teach the same to your children and to your children's children unto the third and fourth generation."

This oath originated because of the death of Joseph Smith and his brother, killed by a mob.  The church lays this squarely on the shoulders of the American people and the government of the United States.  One should also think twice about the supposed revelation that changed the Mormon position on blacks and others of varying colors.  They allow blacks to be in the church and achieve priesthood but the "holy" book that laid out this theological argument is still valid.  This is a public face thing with this church.  

It is likely that the church still holds all of these beliefs, even polygamy, as "divinely inspired" and operative, but because of pragmatism they choose to put these ideas on the "shelf" so that they appear more mainstream.

Bain and other organizations like them were instrumental in the downfall of the economy.  It seems likely to me that the Mormon church was in on the raping when this went down and now they are poised along with the rest of the corporations and banks to bring it all back and hold the country hostage this way.

It is quite clear in the history of the church that they were always for the breakup and downfall of the US and the balkanization of the country into secession and a bunch of smaller and very ineffective governments.  Now we have Ron Paul, the right wing blocker for Romney in the election taking about how the "constitution has failed".  Basically calling the US a failure and of course the main idea of this is that a solution is to secede and have "State's rights".  Crypto-secession or outright secession.  This is all corporate funded and promulgated.

The corporations and banks are aligned with the goals of the Mormon church and as such may as well be in on it together.  Ron Paul is very dangerous because he has fostered in the many young people that have followed his supposed message of "liberty" and see the federal government as "the enemy".  Does that sound like the Mormon position?  Alex Jones, corporate stooge, Ron Paul supporter, Romney promoter (by demonizing Obama so much he might as well have told his people to vote for Romney, though he claims to have not been supporting him) is doing the same thing and pumping out the same mantra against the federal government.  And I am not a supporter of Obama who is clearly a tool of a faction of Wall Street.

Who likes balkanizing the world?  Brezinsky, Kissinger and their ilk as well as the corporate elite.  The Neo-cons approach this from the political position of a strong US that no longer has to deal with countries large enough to defy the empire.  But the corporations are focused on the balkanization of the US as well to have smaller and less effective government everywhere so they have labor pools and different markets to use against each other to pillage the world.  Global government and loss of sovereignty is the last thing that the corporate elite want, at least until they have raped everything.

Now we can see that the Mormon financial mafia is in league with the corporate elite in promoting the idea of hatred of the federal government and pushing the idea of secession and nullification.  The neo-cons also push this agenda to a certain point.  So up to a point they are all in league with the same goals.  Alex Jones and others like him are in league with these same forces and probably being paid to do it.

It is a difficult time but knowing who the players are and what they have planned can help us to come up with solutions to refute this deeply placed assault.


  1. Spot on. Have no affinity with such tomfoolery. Insidious how the military is embraced by lds. Nice and forthright this essay. Dennis

  2. This was the dumbest thing I have read in my entire life!! No joke! The dumbest, most thoughtless post I have ever read. May God have mercy on your soul.

    1. That's quite an award. The dumbest thing in your entire life. I shall note it proudly.

  3. You're ignorant and insane freaks.

  4. You're ignorant and insane freaks.