Friday, January 18, 2013

Alex Jones and the meltdown of the lunatic right

I have done a video on my take on Alex Jones and his appearance on Piers Morgan's show on CNN.

The analysis that I did in this video can also apply to his subsequent appearances on the Young Turks and other places.

His lunatic ranting and inability to form rational thoughts or complete coherent sentences told me exactly what I have long thought about him and the people that he represents.  That is, of course, that he is on some level out of touch with reality.  One can see this all over with the radical right and neo-confederate types that appear on his show, that endorse him and that he endorses.


These people and others like them live in their own fantasy world and they work very hard to force that reality into our consciousness.  When they get their teeth into something they hang on for dear life no matter what kind of evidence presents that renders that thing in their jaws moot.

Jones would have you believe that he is just a "regular joe" and a "reporter" trying to "wake people up" at least when he is confronted by someone who wants to know what he has done with his media empire that he supposedly built "from nothing".  When in reality he BASKS in the role he has as leader of a bunch of lemmings easily led and easily spoon fed his carefully mixed blend of truth and wacky ideology.

He's constantly warning of the coming New World Order, when that has been here for years and is already in power through the multinational corporations, central banks mutual bailouts, and interlocking, vast "free trade" agreements.

He makes token statements about corporations and banks and free trade agreements but he and his handlers and all of the people that he promotes ALL have one major target and that is the nefarious government.

Now don't get me wrong there is plenty wrong with the government, but most of that can be put down to undo corporate influence upon it.  So when I say that a strong national government is vital to defend the people they are supposed to represent that presupposes reform of said government.  Central to that reform is ousting the deep penetration of corporations into that structure.  This is not the central core of this post though so i won't go down that path right now.

The latest idiocy of Jones and his handlers, followers and fellow travelers is over the coming GUN GRAB!  Cue dramatic music.  Obama is coming for your guns!  Run for your life!

After the Newtown Massacre at Sandyhook Elementary School a lot of people have been up in arms over gun violence and mass shootings in this country.  And that prompted the media savvy Obama machine to latch onto this for political use.  Thus in the aftermath of this Obama announced that he would appoint old Corporate Joe Biden to get down to doing something about this.

This caused apoplexy.  Gun grab!  Confiscation!  The Jones machine went into stroke mode driving fear and producing the desired result, people in droves went out and bought as many guns as they could, particularly AR-15s the alleged weapon used at Sandy Hook by the alleged lone killer Adam Lanza.

This supposedly validates the REAL agenda of Obama finally!  Now he will show himself to be the Communist Tyrant they always thought he was.  At last the right would be proved correct.  Remember they continue to spout the idea that Obama is secretly a socialist and that he is just biding his time until he brings down the hammer and sickle on all of us.

They don't let reality get in the way of any of this of course.  Corporate profits are off the charts after 4 years of Obama.  The income gap between the richest and poorest widened under 4 years of Obama.  Obama cut Medicare by as much as 700 Billion dollars and signals that he wants to cut more.  Obama is eager to cut Social Security.  He also wants to cut the corporate tax rate from 35 to 28%, even though the average percentage of profits that corporations pay in taxes is now 14%, and many corporations pay nothing.  No relief for underwater homeowners. No effective jobs program.  No social programs.  The reality is that he is, if anything related to a "socialist", a reverse socialist taking from the many and giving to the few.  Because the 99% have foot the bill for the excess and greed of the financial elite and will be raked over the coals under HIS OWN PROPOSED POILICIES in the future to guarantee that the richest stay that way.  He is on board with the TransPacific Partnership the mother of all "free trade" agreements that will sap this country of what little jobs there are left.  He's a "free" market capitalist's best friend.  But that doesn't faze the right wing lunatics.

Finally though we have the PROOF!  He's coming after the guns!  Our only defense against the tyranny of the state!  And he was going to take EXECUTIVE ACTIONS!  TYRANT!

So Alex went on Piers Morgan's show on CNN to defend liberty!

That's when the lunacy really oozed out onto every TV tuned to the show.  Jones was all over the map.  He couldn't complete a sentence, was anachronistic, off topic and just generally looked and sounded like a complete crazy idiot.

In the wake of that the spin was that people were upset with him because he was angry.  No Alex, it wasn't your anger, it was YOUR CRAZY LUNACY!

He subsequently appeared on the Young Turks and though somewhat more understandable came across still as several cards short of a full deck.

Then the great and powerful tyrant Obama announced his plans to curb gun violence by signing the dreaded Executive Orders!  23 of them!  Robert Anton Wilson would, I'm sure, be smiling if he was still alive.

And what did we see?  Some warmed over and tepid ideas that really have no teeth.  Which is exactly what you would expect from a president that cares nothing about gun violence anymore than he cares about the people who will die because he cuts their Social Security and Medicare or the thousands (the actual number is a national Security secret) killed by his drone strikes all over the world. Obama is the best thing to happen to the war industry in a long time and he also along with Jones spurred huge increases in domestic gun sales.  Sure he wants congress to enact an assault weapons ban, and to ban magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds.  That would require congress to actually do it, which is exceedingly unlikely with the House firmly in the hands of NUTS.  And Obama knows this as much as anyone with a whit of common sense would.  Let us not forget that many of the states that would have to opt into the sharing of information in some of the President's recommendations are hard right fanatical little Hitlers that will simply not comply rendering many of his mental health and background check ideas moot.  Where's the tyranny?  Where's the gun grab?  Now the spin will make these timid steps into stepping stones TO tyranny.  Now of course there is much more cognitive dissonance in here as well.  How can a gun, even an AR-15, protect you from a hell fire missile fired from a nearly silent drone?  Your guns can't protect you from the government when they have tanks, MOABS, Tomahawk missiles and jets.  The underlying premise is moot, but that too requires some measure of assent to reason.

And thus it never ends.  The lunacy will continue to spin around and down the drain of history.  There is a strong racial and class element in this whole thing too of course but that is a point for another time.

Obama is not coming for your guns.  He represents the elite and they like it just fine that there are a lot of guns out there because those guns will never be turned on them but will instead be used by the 99% on other members of the 99%.  The serfs prey on the serfs.  Gangs against gangs.  The poorer on the merely poor.  Whites against blacks.  Blacks against whites.  Hispanic against black.  White against Hispanic and so on.

Obama is coming for your Social Security and your economic rights but don't bother about that because Pete Peterson the multi-billionaire says it's important and that is a voice that Obama will listen to, you can bet.


  1. nice1m8, takes courage2, especially cause the secret nwo police will zapp all opposers with their magic powers of greed and unfathomable evil and disregard for humanity. We're all so scared to speak out, cause we know what lengths the rich have gone to in the past(forget the 10 commandments,They must command what2do inni, not what not2do!)so where does that leave us? unless we have absolutely nothing to protect or lose, it will leave people afraid to act.The irony is that the ones with nothing are the ones with numbers/power and oppertunity to act out w/o fear. Humanity unites all, even the super rich,god if only they were not ignorant;maybe things would be different.

  2. Over reach in my opinion. You're not listening carefully to Jones' position. I suspect you're atheist and don't like his Christian points of view?

    1. It has nothing to do with any religious point of view. It's completely apparent. Guns are a wedge issue meant to divide people further. He's not doing anyone any favors in any of this.

  3. The mediocrity of mainstream TV meets the lunacy of the Internut.
    The only thing that came to mind while watching Alex go off on Piers was how much it would suck to be stuck next to Alex on a long plane ride...
    Guns have become too much of a fetish object amongst adult males for any sane gun control discussion to occur anyway.
    If they were just "tools" we wouldn't need "appreciation days" for them. Imagine a "Table Saw Appreciation Day."
    It's absurd.