Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anti-union rhetoric

It still astonishes me that people are so easily distracted by the idea that unions are somehow at fault for things being bad economically.  How is it that people cannot see the benefit that unions have brought to this country?  The unions stopped the drastic sweat shop working conditions in the past.  They raised the standard of living for everybody.  People look at this issue the wrong way.  Rather than thinking about how the unions need to give something up to make them more like the minimum wage drones in the mostly service industry of the United States; why not expect and fight for everyone to be making a living decent wage.
There is a war being waged in this country and around the world against the middle class and the poor masses.  The rich through the banks and the Federal Reserve have effectively destroyed the economy.  Pension plans have suffered from this fact and fraud of course in the real estate market via packaged securities.  
Now states suffer for lack of funds.  Who is at fault?  The rich and bankers have caused it.
The attack on unions are a direct assault on labor.  The end result is going to mean that people in this country will be working for poverty level wages, totally at the mercy of the corporate masters, hired or fired on a whim.  We will all be slaves, or "serfs" if you prefer.  Unable to afford our own homes we will live on the "master's" land at his whim and "mercy".  
This will complete the transformation of the United States into the new third world country.

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