Friday, February 18, 2011

What do I know about blogging anyway?

Well I guess that is sort of why you and I are here.  I don't even really know what I will do with this blog.  I don't  know if I will even keep up with it for any length of time.  
I imagine that I will use this as an extension of my video and radio work to go into greater detail on issues that I discuss on the other forums.  That means you might find politics, or esoterica on this forum.  My latest video on Youtube is HERE  
I discuss the strikes by public employees in Wisconsin and Ohio over attempted cuts and a direct assault on unions.  This is complete propaganda by the rich to make the poor blame the less poor for the economic disaster that Wall Street and the Federal Reserve have inflicted upon the USA and the world.  Lies, damnable lies.  Tonight on blogtalkradio (my channel can be found HERE., the episode tonight can be accessed HERE.) I will be discussing UFOs, conspiracies, underground bases and cryptozoology with Greg Bishop, author of Project Beta, that you can purchase HERE.  You can also read some of his work HERE and HERE.
One thing that we will be discussing tonight is the origin and mythos of the alien underground base at Dulce New Mexico.  You might like THIS or maybe THIS or for a more "mainstream" take THIS even more can be found HERE.
An interesting character in the Dulce alien base mythology is Phil Schneider.  More of his story can be found HERE.
There is a lot of information to go through in 2 hours but we'll do our best.  I am interested in trying to get to the truth behind the mythology and find out if there is anything concrete there or if this is just a modern myth that has become a behemoth.

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