Sunday, February 20, 2011

Steamshovel Press

I'm glad to see that Steamshovel Press is back.  Kenn Thomas is a prolific author and has a wealth of information to share on all things parapolitical.  A couple of the newest pieces of a grand puzzle have just been added to his website and are well worth a read.  
The first one involves the Marconi scientist death list.  In the newest material added to the site is a link to this blog which mentions Kenn Thomas' work in this area.  It also brings up to date a little more the Marconi story.  It seems that there were a rash of mysterious deaths of Marconi scientists through the late 80's and 90's and they  were thought to be related to SDI or Reagan's "Star Wars" program.  What Kenn points out, quite rightly, is the eerie timeliness of the information coinciding with the 100 year anniversary of the birth of the "great communicator".  This is an area of research that has not been fully covered anywhere but that is worthy of some more in depth work.  The Marconi scientists have been connected, by many,  to a series of microbiologists that died under mysterious circumstances as well which would make the list of deaths much larger and even more mysterious.  Marconi no longer exists as a separate company and is now a part of BAE.  
The deaths of these scientists does make me think of Phillip Kramer of Iron Butterfly and his mysterious death.  Since there seems to be a science angle to it as well.  There has always been this underground theory that any "new" invention that would seem to "solve" energy problems by either creating an over-unity device, or tapping "zero point" energy is immediately bought up and disappeared by big money interests.  One can see this expressed in the movies as far back as George C. Scott's movie "The Formula".  In a strange "coincidence" George C. Scott also did "Day of the Dolphin" which is loosely based on the work of John Lilly one of the prime movers in psychedelic research who used a sensory deprivation tank and Ketamine to get rid of his migraine headaches.  
And like all things conspiratorial one is lead down path after path.  George C. Scott also is probably most famous for his portrayal of George Patton.  It has recently come to light that Patton was murdered.  Because he was a critic of the war and maybe because of what he discovered during the war that some wanted kept secret.  Many might be familiar with Patton's action to move into Czechoslovakia and his liberation of Pilsen.  It was in Pilsen that Joseph Farrell says Hans Kammler was in charge of the Skoda works which was part of a super secret Nazi research facility that had incredibly advanced weaponry and possibly new forms of energy based on torsion physics.
I could keep going but it would only range us further afield.  Check out Steamshovel Press and the works of Kenn Thomas and have a look at the death lists.  Make up your own mind as always whether we are dealing with a massive coincidence or if there is something more going on behind the scenes in the world.

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