Monday, February 21, 2011

Wisconsin Union Busting attempt

Wisconsin may or may not have a deficit this year.  It will have a deficit in coming years, that will be added to by the governor's passage of tax cuts for corporations that start next fiscal year.
One of the principal things that the governor has targeted is the right to collectively bargain over "working conditions".  How is that going to impact the states finances??  
The Koch brothers, billionaire Wall Street financiers, who support so-called "conservative" (in actuality far right ideologue) candidates that want to engage the people in a war between the poor and the not-so-poor so that you will not be looking at the theft and fraud they and their mega-rich cohorts commit, are funding the anti-union counter-protests in Wisconsin.
I'm surprised that so many buy this nonsense and fall for the trap.  Why not walk down your street and smash the neighbor's car because it is a newer or better model than yours?  Never mind that if you are unemployed you can thank corporate greed for that and so-called "free" trade and poor management.  Your neighbor still owns his home?  Yours is in foreclosure?  Well then I guess you better go burn down his house, how dare him still have a home when yours is being taken away!  Never mind it is the banks fraud and Federal Reserve policies that have led to the situation.  Do you see the idiocy of that position?
Watch my video for a further take on this issue.
The mega-rich,Wall Street fraud, theft, and deception, and the Federal Reserve's failure to provide help to the states (despite giving trillions of dollars in 0% or near 0% interest "loans" to FOREIGN banks and corporations) are the primary drivers of state budget problems as well as the budget problems of the country in general.  So don't look to your neighbor as the problem rather look toward the real culprits.
Also be wary of alternative sites that promote supposed "conservative" positions, like Alex Jones who posts articles prominently on his website that subtly lay the blame on "greedy people".  Some of the information in that article is worth consideration but any of it that seeks to lay blame on people who have a negotiated contract for the problems of the state of Wisconsin or anywhere else is simply ludicrous.
The unions did not have a gun pointing at the heads of the negotiators when they made their collective bargaining agreement.  Now some want to give the employer the equivalent of a chainsaw to hack and slash their way through these agreements in order place the blame for their misdeeds and mismanagement (and financial fraud and theft ultimately having it's origin on Wall Street) onto regular workers.  I posted a new video today that again tries to make the main point.

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