Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why is Bill Maher such a shill?

Bill Maher is not stupid.  He obviously has intelligence.  Why is it that he ludicrously supports President Obama even though Obama has so thoroughly sold out the progressives in EVERYTHING.  So what do you make of a guy who is obviously intelligent and supposedly a progressive, and supposedly politically involved who absolutely refuses to accept the fact that Obama is a total sellout and a Wall Street puppet, completely the same as any Republican that Maher would be quick to ridicule.  I'm a progressive and it makes me mad that people look to Maher for commentary from a progressive prospective.  The best that you can find in the way of criticism of Obama is that he is "wimpy" or a "wussy" or a poor negotiator.  Maher makes no mention of his inaction on Wall Street prosecution.  He makes no mention of Obama's deficit commission and their recommendations to attack Social Security and other so-called "entitlement" programs.  He makes no mention of Obama's own efforts to feed money to banks and Wall Street while doing nothing to address systemic crises in this country and the states.  He makes no comment on Obama's sellouts on the budget and how he is so ready to attack programs that aid children and families and cut nothing that would affect the "untouchable" elites and super rich.  Maher will only say that Obama is "wimpy" for selling out on the tax breaks extension for the rich.
One sees a pattern here.  I see the pattern.  Any intelligent person would see the pattern here.  Therefore what is one to make of Bill Maher?  The answer is that Maher is a shill and a cheerleader for the so-called progressive movement in this country while continuing to try and paint Obama as a real progressive that just has a few "faults" and if we just give him enough time and support he will "come through".  It's a psychological operation, whether witting or unwitting, on the part of Maher himself.

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