Thursday, May 5, 2011

Various speculations

First I have made it clear that I do not believe the official conspiracy theory of the killing of Osama Bin Laden.  But I am also desirous of not giving it too much attention as I have pointed out that this piece of legerdemain has been effective in giving the failing president a boost in popularity even as the country is flooded, torn apart by tornadoes and the economy continues to tank.  Not to mention the continuing disaster in Japan.  There is of course also the whole idea of the debt and the looming attack on Medicare and other social programs.
Thus I am going to leave off of this topic right after making a couple of observations.
Osama Bin Laden has been reported dead many times over the years.  Let us just say that he has been dead a long time.  All the higher up folks knew this.  Including Obama, Biden, Gates, Panetta, Clinton etc.
Obama sent his "signal" by issuing his "long form" birth certificate.  This document appears to many to be a blatant forgery, sloppy and inept as seen in the following video as well as many others:
It is almost like Obama is trying to do two things simultaneously, as though he were suffering from MPD.  He is saying on the one hand, look at this obvious fake piece of paper and finally call me on it and bring me down.  On the other hand he is saying I can put this lousy piece of garbage out and the people will accept it because I say so, which means I can virtually do anything I want.
Next step, Obama, operating under the same principals, concocts the whole story of Osama Bin Laden's death in a raid he ordered.  It's a complete sham and he knows it, as does everybody else in the halls of power.  Now we have only two options left to the people in power.  One is to allow Obama to go down and go down with him by exposing the sham.  Two; scurry to make up a "legend" and back story to support the made up narrative to preserve your own hide, and Obama's (whether you want to or not).
I do not endorse this theory.  I just present it for thought.  Hell I know nothing of documents so can make no judgement on the authenticity of the document that has been released.  I leave the definitive statements for people who are skilled in that field.
Consider that Bush turned down the invite to New York from Obama on his 9/11 memorial visit after Bin Laden was "killed".  Was he ever one to not grasp an opportunity for fanfare and adulation?  Why would he decline?  One reason is that he wants to distance himself from the whole thing because he already knows Bin Laden is dead and realizes that the whole thing could fall apart and destroy anyone connected with it.
Food for thought at least.
The final bit of information here is the changing narrative that smells badly of sloppy work as details are worked out, then something happens to make that detail not work anymore, perhaps someone in the vicinity who could deny it happened that way?  Thus the changes.  No release of pictures or video and the OBVIOUS AND CLUMSY disposing of the body into the sea so that no one could independently look at and confirm the identity of the corpse.  The COMPOUND IS CONVENIENTLY BURNED DOWN.  BUT we did get a lot of "intelligence".  Now they have a supposed horde of material that they can use to fuel whatever operations they desire.  Need to justify bombing Iran?  The "Osama material" conveniently has information indicating Iran is building a nuclear bomb.  Need to take out Syria?  Well...you see where this is going.  No proof, just a proclamation, and needs of "national security".  No warning to Pakistan on the supposed "raid" indicating that this administration will go right into supposed allies territory with no sanction.  All bets are off.  We might even be "told" (no proof mind you, nothing released) that the "Osama intelligence horde" has "conclusive proof" that the official government conspiracy on 9/11 is THE truth.  Accept it, believe us.
People want to believe.  They want to believe so badly that they will throw off the "yoke" of rationality and reason and just fall for anything.  I have said that your heroes are DEAD and that you should get over it.  Start using your brain or you're nothing but a monkey that has not met the "Monolith" and can't even make a tool that you can use to murder your neighbor with over a watering hole.
This blog is speculative.  Use your head.  Think.

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