Monday, May 16, 2011

Alien intervention, UFOs and occult reality

I have from time to time commented upon the reality of an "occult reality behind the scenes in politics and what we experience in the media and global affairs:

It is important to note that I do not advocate that people fixate upon this issue but that they become aware of it so that they know they are being manipulated.
My friend Christopher Knowles has been publishing blogs on the "alien intervention" theory of human development.  Read some here and more recently here.
It is my contention that the "occult reality" behind the scenes of everyday life on this world is intimately related to the UFO enigma and the "alien intervention" theory.
I explored the imagery of "2001; A Space Odyssey" on my blog here.  Jay Weidner and Christopher Knowles have done a great job of expansion and interpretation in this area as have many others too numerous to name.
We also have the "Disclosure Project" which seeks to have the government reveal the "secret data" on the reality of the UFO phenomenon.
The intervention theory and UFOs are clearly related but the problem with the Disclosure Project is that it has a faulty pretense to start with.  They are focused on the idea of the ETH.  That UFOs are physical spaceships from distant stars that come to Earth, piloted by physical beings that may be the "greys"

Or even the nefarious "reptilians"

Some comments are appropriate here.  There are some that have suggested, as Knowles comments in the link above and as Linda Moulton Howe has in the recent interview I had with her on my radio show available here that the "greys" may be biological androids.  The reptilians are another matter entirely and the reality they represent may have psychological implications as well as occult ones.
UFOs as seen by "ETHers" are uni-dimensional they are alien craft piloted by alien beings from another planet.
The reality I think is much more bizarre.
This is part of the convergence of the occult reality, UFOs, and alien intervention.
There seems to be a lot of historical evidence for alien intervention in our history.  William Bramley looks at this from a historical perspective in his book "The Gods of Eden".  Other researchers have pointed out the "myths" of the world which talk of gods coming down onto the Earth to interact with mankind, bringing "fire", civilization and agriculture.

My take is that these "gods" are not aliens from other planets, but beings from other dimensions.
Quantum physics opens up a lot of doorways into our thinking on what makes up our universe and the idea of a dimension right next door to our own is one of them.  Because of the interaction and seemingly intertwined nature of the "beings from outside" with us it seems more likely that we are dealing with intelligences that are very close to us but not normally seen or experienced.  This has been explored by many writers like Mac Tonnies and his Cryptoterretrials, as well as John Keel and his Ultraterrestrials.  Much of Keel's work has been built upon and expanded by Andy Colvin (you should take some time to look into his work).
This brings me back to Christopher Knowles' recent post on his blog which ends up leading us to Synchronicity.

Synchonicity is a tell-tale sign of a reality operating outside of our normal perception.  It is a signal that something is happening that we should be looking at, a hint at a direction we should be following.  It is also, I believe, created by interactions between our dimension and others.  Our consciousness extends beyond our physical bodies and as such may extend to the edges of our "reality" and when that reality experiences a ripple from a "crossing" from one dimension to another it sets into motion a series of quantum effects that result in synchronicities.

To be continued....

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