Monday, May 16, 2011

Alien intervention, UFOs and occult reality; continued

There are some ground rules that should be set before further discussion has any meaning or will produce meaningful discussion.
I have talked of the occult, UFOs and alien intervention as well as dimensional interaction, and finally synchronicity.  Defining the meanings as I represent them will help to understand where I stand on this issue.
First on the Occult.  It simply means hidden, unknown.  This can simply be something that is kept secret, or the meaning of is lost.  There is an implication of the esoteric and I believe that there is that in my view of such things.   This will connote the idea of "other realms", magic, sorcery and pacts with the "devil" or the like.

 Now it needs to be said that I do not necessarily believe that such things have any objective reality, but they can have subjective reality to the practitioner and to people that have belief structures that can be influenced.  In this way one can view this as simply attesting to the fact that such is real enough in the sense that it is used or is SEEMINGLY being used.
I will give you an example of what I mean in the context of the power elite that really run the show on the planet. One which is not monolithic nor without it's own infighting and alternative plans for society etc.  There is, at least, the implication in conspiracy theory that elite groups utilize some mechanism of "dark" or evil occult magic and even trafficking with "evil spirits".  The elite do nothing but expand upon this concept by having their secretive meetings, societies shrouded in ritual:

The "Skull and Bones".

The O.T.O.

And the Freemasons to name just a few.

  There is a major point of contention here at this point because all of this may simply be for show and meant to instill in people the idea that these people are privy to dark knowledge and that it is used to enhance their positions of power because a lot of people approach things from a religious black and white perspective.  In other words they concoct this as a front to make them appear to have mystical powers when they don't and in fact reject that any really exist.  It is merely a tool of power.  It is a way to bamboozle the gullible into ascribing some sinister and powerful force to the elite that make them more formidable than they are in fact.

Staged occult ritual enhanced by movie symbolism?

Or reality?

It doesn't matter for our purposes which is true.  It just needs to be acknowledged.

The alien intervention theory has it that some beings interacted with humans in the past and actually provided man, at certain points in time, some necessary advancements.
This phenomena has been with us for a long time.

They are represented in every mythology in one way or another, this includes the major religions that hold that there is interaction between "heaven" and Earth.

That there is a reality here is pretty well established.  The real issue is what are these beings and where do they come from?  Do they have a relationship with UFOs?

The previously dominant thought in UFOlogy had it that these beings were and are physical aliens from another planet coming here for some reason.  I reject this notion for one simple reason there is nothing special about Earth that would make any race travel vast distances to get here and essentially spy on us for unfathomable reasons.  That is assuming they have the technology to get here.

There is another theory that the aliens are of an extra-dimensional nature.  This seems to be an idea that is gaining a foothold in UFOlogy.  Quantum physics, and M theory provide the rationale for such a reality.  There is of course the idea that these beings are ultra-terrestrials.  That is beings that are indigenous to Earth but through technology or latent abilities can make themselves very hard to detect, unless they choose to interact with us.

The great white brotherhood hiding in Shambhala?

Or underground as in the Shaver stories?

The lengthy span of time that these beings have interacted with humanity can point to either or both of the latter hypotheses.  But there is also a possibility that they are the same.  Ultra-terrestrials may also be extra-dimensional, by nature, or through some type of technology.

There is a strong association between paranormal phenomena and synchronicity.  The working theory that I have for causal and a-causal connections that have meaning, synchronicity, is that one's consciousness takes note of dimensional shifts through some action at a quantum level.

So we have the gods of the ancients either hidden among us, or close by in a pocket dimension that choose to interact with us on their own terms and seemingly have some purpose for us.  We may be seen by them as their property as Charles Fort famously observed.  These same beings can easily be said to be the angels and demons of the major religions as well as the ETs.

More to come...

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  1. If we could rid the world of enslaving manmade religions we might stand a chance of exposing this evil. I live among 'born again christians' who are just waiting for jesus to return and snatch them away. Talking to a brick wall is easier than trying to communicate with these people.