Wednesday, May 11, 2011


There was a time when I would be absolutely dumbfounded at the level of stupidity of the average American.  That time is long gone as the stupid factor climbs.  From the very first of the story of the supposed raid on the supposed compound of the alleged Osama Bin Laden and the carefully controlled release of information it has been one big mind fuck.  Consider the "spontaneous" gathering of crowds outside of the White House to chant USA, USA.  How many people carry flags with them as they scurry about the Capitol around midnight?  Apparently a lot of people do.  We had the delay of the President speaking, with the eventual leak of the "death" of Osama Bin Laden for the nth time prior to his actual appearance by Wolf Blitzer insider and  a psy-op agent extraordinaire since Gulf War I gave us the news on CNN. 
The story has morphed and changed with such rapidity that any sane person would be left to scratch their head in bewilderment at the ludicrous attempt to come up with a working story but people just believe it.
Now we have the story of Osama's "wives" that the US wants to question.  I have a question for them.  Why di they not take all of the people in the compound into custody or kill them?  The people should have been questioned at least, no?  It doesn't make sense.
There is a conspiracy theory (in other words, a reality) in Pakistan that the US has it's eyes on their nuclear weapons and that they fear a raid by the US to take them or control them.  Now the US ramps up for more confrontation with Pakistan and continuous war.  We are living in 1984 and have always been at war.
So to vacuity.  There is nothing left in the minds of most Americans.  Perhaps they are just worn out from too much?  But there is no discernment and little care to get any.  The President is suddenly loved again even as this country continues it's descent into oblivion.

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