Friday, May 20, 2011

The Gods of old and UFOs- The Ultraterrestrial and Extradimensional theory

I am not an artist by any means but the above simple drawing shows my current thoughts on the Extradimensional theory on UFOs and aliens.
It has been pointed out by many that the Gods have been with us always and this precludes, in my opinion, the idea of physical beings from another planet coming here, as there really would have been little to see or observe in the distant past.
Why would physical beings from another planet come here anyway?  Why would they care if we blow up the Earth?  Why would they care about our "development"?  In all of these things the supposed physical aliens theory clearly ascribes God-like intentions and powers to them.  The ancients called these beings Gods because they came from elsewhere.  But from "where" did they come?  In many myths these beings are shown to be largely human-like and often can produce halfling hybrid children.  If these were physical beings from another planet it seems highly unlikely that there would be compatibility between their genetics and ours.  Perhaps they come from some "place" "closer" to us?
The Ultraterrestrial hypothesis says that these beings are here on Earth and hidden from us normally in some way that we do not understand.
There is an occult history of "secret chiefs" living in forgotten realms.  George Gurdjieff is one such source, as is Madame Blavatsky.

I am not opposed to the idea of a hidden race of beings that are compatible with humanity genetically.  They could be leftovers from Atlantis or whatever reality spawned the myth.  They could also be a relict race from an even earlier age.  We all know there are numerous archeological proofs for ancient advanced technologies.

Not to mention the pyramids themselves.
Ancient advanced building techniques.
Ancient science.
Ancient "Gods".

What of the "Gods" of old.  Isis, Horus, Osiris, Enki, and all the rest, who were they?  Are they based on reality?  I think so.  All myths have some germ of reality and it seems likely that we are dealing with beings that actually did interact with humans.  The idea of genetic compatibility seems to preclude the idea that these beings come from somewhere else, since genetic evolution would hardly be the same from world to world considering differing environmental conditions.
The "Gods" of old that interacted with humanity and seem to have produced offspring would point us definitely to the Ultraterrestrial hypothesis of origin.
What of other more esoteric encounters?  What of UFOs?  More on this in upcoming posts...


  1. I studied art for many years and I remember being told in art school that the discrepancy between the very large king or God and the small humans was to indicate the lack of importance of the human beings.I am still perplexed by a seeming conflict between textbook explanations and monumental art of ancient people.It would seem that these gods/beings sought US out not the reverse.Strange that they tell us how puny we are and how much we need their help. Perhaps we have something they want very badly and they are afraid if we knew we would not allow them to take it. What is it in us they need to harvest? Yes indeed a veil of entropy surounds us. We cannot see their quick moves or the delight in their eyes when we are mesmerized by their magic technology.

  2. There is plenty of importance and significance of humanity but only for us, in my opinion. We can think and have consciousness. There is definitely some reason humanity and the "gods" are so intricately connected.

  3. 'They', in my opinion, are parasites and we are the hosts.